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Finding My Way

Unnecessary Dilemma

6:45 am

I take a quick shower and put my school uniform on before heading to the cafeteria. Where’s the cafeteria again?

I wander the hallways until I find a boy wearing the same uniform as I head in a direction.

“Excuse me?” I ask. He turns his head to face me.

“Ne?” He grins. “How can I help you, Jaemi-shi?”

“Do you know where-” I pause in confusion. “How do you know my name?”

“Byeol told me about you.” He grins wider and bows. “My name is Kim Seokjin. A pleasure to finally meet you.”

I bow as a natural reflex.

“I see you’re ready for school. Did you have breakfast yet? I’m on my way to the cafeteria. Do you want to join me?” He offers, pointing a finger in the direction he was originally headed.

“Actually that’s what I was about to ask you.” I say. “Would you mind showing me the way?”

He nods and motions for me to walk beside him.

“How is your first day going?” He questions, attempting small talk.

“I fell into the pond with the help of Taehyung-shi.” I purse my lips and nod. “It’s going pretty well.”

He chuckles. “I see you’ve met Taehyung. There’s only three high schoolers here. Well, I mean, now that you’re here it’s four. I hope with our help, you don’t feel out of place. It’s actually really nice living here once you get used to everyone.”

We walk into the cafeteria to find Byeol and the two other boys sitting at a table.

“Jaemi, this is Jung Hoseok, Kim Taehyung, and the one you walked in with is Kim Seokjin. They are the other high schoolers staying here. You guys play nice while I prepare two more trays of food.”

“Ne.” We say in unison.

There’s a few seconds of silence before I start the conversation.

“Where are the younger children?” I ask Seokjin.

“They’ll be here later. Their school starts later. You know that, right?” He gives me a weird look.

“Oh, I didn’t know, sorry. I’ve never been to a normal school before.” I admit, wide eyed as we take our seats.

“Really?” Taehyung asks me, shocked.

“You seemed like a pretty normal girl to me.” Hoseok says, drinking his yogurt cup. “If you didn’t go to a regular public school, then what did you attend?”

“Ever since I was little, I attended a dance academy. There, no matter the age, we’d get up at the same time.” I shrug. “But since I’m currently living here, and no one can pay for my tuition, I guess I’m going to be a normal girl attending a normal school.”

There’s awkward silence between the four of us.

“Cha!” Byeol grabs our attention. She holds two trays of food. “Here you are, Jaemi and Seokjin. You guys better eat quickly if you don’t want to miss the train.”

“Thank you Byeol.” I bow and she smiles at me before returning to her slumber.


7:08 am

We wait at the train station for the 7:10 train to arrive. We stand in a row, waiting a few inches behind the yellow line. (If you’ve never taken a train or subway before, there’s a yellow line, indicating to stand behind it when the train arrives.)

I watch as students wearing the same uniform as the four of us fill the station.

“Have you ever ridden the train before?” Taehyung asks, almost a whisper.


“Jungkook, why are we taking this way home?” I complained as he pulled me by the hand.

Jungkook held two subway tickets as we made our way underground.

“We have to try Seoul’s subway one of these days.” Jungkook replied, determined. “C’mon, it’s a first time for us. Please, Jae.”

“Fine. But if we’re late for dinner with our parents, I’m blaming you.” I shaked my head in disapproval.

He lightened up and smiled widely. I couldn't help but smile back at him.

“We have to catch the train before it leaves without us!” He pulled me harder, forcing me to run with him.

Fifteen minutes later…

“Oppa, where are we?” I questioned, attempting to read the complicated subway routes, still on the train.

“I thought we’d be at the right station by now.” Jungkook said nervously.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” I sighed and slouched. “We’re lost. We’re dead meat Jungkook.”

He laughed and attempted to cheer me up in various ways, but I ignored him.

“Awe, c’mon, don’t be too upset. At least we’re together, right?” He smiled widely, putting his face closer to mine. “I have to admit. I didn’t want to go to that dinner anyways. This is way better. Being alone with you is better.”


By the time we got home, it’s half past 9 pm.

Our parents exchanged disappointed looks. After a few seconds, they broke into laughter.

“You guys are too cute.” Eomma grinned at us. “Next time, just take the bus like you’d usually do.”

“Come, dinner’s still warm.” Jungkook’s Eomma notioned us over at the table.

Jungkook and I smiled at each other and hurried to eat the delicious food waiting for us.


I shake my head no. “It’s a first time for me.” I indirectly make eye contact with him.

We watch as the train approaches the station. The wind from the speed of the train as it slows down breezes by us. My hair flies everywhere, and into the faces of Taehyung and Seokjin.

“Sorry.” I mutter and fix my hair.

No response. I guess the silence means it’s okay.

The train comes to a complete stop.

“If you’re scared, you can hold my hand.” He teases and holds his hand out towards me.

The train doors open and I walk in first, ignoring Taehyung’s obnoxiousness. All of the seats are taken, so we end up standing. The boys hold onto the bars as I stand in between them, sandwiched.

People begin to whisper. I look around the train cart and see students gossiping amongst themselves. They give me dirty looks and the cold shoulder. Byeol said the locals were nice... why are they staring at me like this...?

I look up at Seokjin and he gives me a warm smile, making the whispers grow louder.

Once we arrive at school, we’re immediately surrounded by a large crowd of students.


I widen my eyes as I hear the names shouted repeatedly. W-why?

I squeeze my way through and out of the crowd, almost stumbling. These people are annoying.

“Jaemi-ah, go to the office!” Jin shouts and the noisiness dies down. The crowd of students turn around and stare at me.

Did I do something wrong?

“Jaemi-ah.” Jin slowly makes his way to me. “Let me take you to the office.”

Everyone’s staring at us. Really? I sigh and nod.

“You two, come along.” Jin notions Taehyung and Hoseok. They swiftly make their way towards us and pull me by the arm to start walking.

I turn to face the school entrance and push their arms off of me to walk at my own pace.

“Thanks to you, we managed to escape those students.” Taehyung smiles, once we’re inside the building.

“What were they doing anyway?” I question. The students in the hallways stare and give the four of us looks.

“Greeting us.” Seokjin shrugs. “It’s been happening ever since we enrolled into this school.”

“Okay, I guess.” I say in disbelief. “That’s perfectly normal.”

“Well, you’ve never been to a ‘normal’ school before so how would you know?” Hoseok barks.

“Hoseok.” Jin widens his eyes at him.

“No, it’s cool.” I shrug. “He’s right.”

“Here’s the office, we’ll meet you in class.” Taehyung points to the main office. “...Unless you want us to wait for you.”

I shake my head as I observe an infinite number of students glaring at us. “You guys draw too much attention. It’s better if I go alone.”

I didn’t expect them to be popular. Especially because of their living conditions today. Whatever.

I wait for them to leave my sight and enter the office.


Taehyung’s POV

I was kind of hoping she’d ask us to wait for her. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a girl like her. A special one.

Hoseok, Jin and I walk down the hallway, Jin standing in the middle. I smile and wave at everyone. Jin nods at people he knows. Hoseok is spacing out, ignoring his surroundings.


I stop in my tracks and turn around to face the voice I haven’t heard in years.

“Suga.” I respond, saying the syllables in his name separately. Jin and Hoseok turn around with me and the hallway grows quiet with low whispers.

“How’s Byeol?” Suga smirks. “Nevermind that, how’s that pig-stye?”

“It was only a pig-stye because you never cleaned after yourself.” Hoseok looks at him with disgust.

Suga chuckles. “At least I was good enough to be adopted.”

No response.

“Like my new blazer? My maid just ironed it this morning. I look good in everything.” He smiles, admiring himself. “But anyways, getting to the point, I’m attending this school now.”

“What do you want us to do about it?” Jin questions, folding his hands. A large crowd gathers and people begin to record.

“I didn’t expect to see you three going to a school like this. This is such a nice and advanced high school, meant for people who will be in successful in life. I’m surprised to see you three grotesque pigs here.” Suga fixes the ends of his sleeves. “What’s even more surprising is that people adore and praise you here. Back then, you three were nothing without me.”

“Shut up.” I growl. “You don’t-”

“Look at you now. What’s life going to be like for you guys after high school? Byeol can’t take care of you then. The orphanage won’t be able to pay for your college tuitions.” Suga says, cutting me off. “Maybe then you’ll realise you guys really are nothing. Nothing but unsuccessful parent-less losers.”

I open my mouth, attempting to counter him, but I’m stop myself as I watch Jaemi come into view.

Jaemi’s eyes are on a map of the school and she walks nonchalantly. She bumps into Suga, crumpling her map and pushing him forward.

“Yah!” Suga yells, frightening many, and turns around to face her.

I walk forward to protect and defend her, however Jin stops me.

“Hey! You crushed my map.” Jaemi says, giving him a upset look.

She observes Suga’s features from head to toe.

“Watch where you’re going. My uniform wouldn’t’ve been wrinkled if it weren’t for you.” He brushes his shoulder, annoyed.

She looks around the hallway, noticing the uneasy atmosphere. She lands her eyes on mine and she softens them. My heart skips a beat. It’s happening again. My heart’s moving faster than usual, just like it did the first time I met her.

“No, you watch where you’re going. My morning would’ve been just fine if you were quarreling and causing drama elsewhere.” She redirects her attention to Suga.

“Who do you think you are to talk to me?” Suga scowls.

“Oh.” A hand goes on her chest and the tone of her voice is sarcastic. “I’m sorry your highness. I didn’t know self-absorbed snobs existed in this school, but clearly I am wrong.”

Students chuckle.

“You-” Suga grumbles, but she talks over him.

“This is a free country. I can do whatever I want. If you can’t accept that, transfer to another school.” She raises her eyebrow and shakes her head, disapproving of him. "I'm sure you have the money to do that, big talk."

Suga stays quiet and she begins to walk over to us. She stops her tracks when they are side by side, facing opposite directions. “If you have a problem, next time, I suggest you go someplace where people actually care about your dilemma.”

A small smile grows on my face as she approaches us. She saved us. From Suga. Our old friend. Our new enemy. My enemy.

When Jaemi reaches us, she shows a face of concern.

“Are you guys okay?” She asks. Her voice is low, so that only we can hear her.

Jin nods. “Let’s talk about this later. We’re going to be late for class.”

We begin to walk and students disperse, chaotically moving around each other to get to class on time. I turn my head to the side and see, out of the corner of my eye, Suga standing in the same spot, frozen. I smirk and with two fingers, give him a small salute.


Jaemi’s POV

I didn’t think I’d have that in me. That’s right, Jae. You have to be stronger now. Eomma, Appa and Jungkook aren’t here to save you anymore.

I look at the three boys who walk beside me. They are here… but I barely know them.

I recall the student who seems to be on bad terms with Taehyung, Seokjin and Hoseok.

Who is that guy anyways? And who would want to dye their hair mint green?


Suga’s POV

That girl’s got some nerve. Is she associated with those three orphans?

I watch them walk down the hallway, leaving victorious.

I’m glad I was adopted before entering high school; or else I would’ve been forced to deal with that witch. The first time someone’s left me speechless… it had to be a girl too. I must’ve looked stupid.

I hear the school starting bell ring and realise I’m the only one left in the hallway. I run to class, praying that my homeroom teacher hasn’t made her way to the classroom.


Hello readers~

I know the past few chapters have been boring and slow. I'm sorry, lol. It's only the exposition and setting of the story. The real stuff is coming soon. I don't know why people are already judging this story within three, or four chapters, lmao. I got a 9.1 rating currently. What did I do wrong?

This chapter introduces Suga, and as you can tell, he is going to create major conflict in later chapters. You won't be able to tell who the dominant male is until later, when ALL the members are introduced and have become apart of the story.

Thank you for reading. VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE I really appreciate it. I love reading your comments and getting feedback.

I updated today because I won't be able to tomorrow, or Friday.

See you in the next chapter.
~Alexis Thao


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