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Finding My Way


[A/N: Please listen to this chapter with this song on repeat. There is a way to loop the song on youtube through computer. Yes it’s not what you expect, but it is really soothing.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4YOmPQKJH8 ]

He nods. “That’s what Minji wants him to believe… Minji is our older sister.”

It takes me a minute or two to process what he says and drill it into my brain. It all makes sense now… does it?

There was always a reason. If Yoongi says that he met Jungkook and Jimin two summers ago, it means Minji was there too. She chose to adopt me and take me in her care because of Jungkook. Why her of all people? Why her of all orphanages? What about Jimin? She knew Jimin. She HAD to recruit him when his uncle passed away due to cancer [Chpt. 14]. Even before that, her reaction when she saw Yoongi that day when he visited for our school project [Chpt. 12]. Why react that way when he was her- Their siblings…? Why was he adopted then? Why be separated. Why-

My head aches from the overwhelming information I wasn’t expecting. I stand up, leaving Yoongi alone on the floor. My feet take me to the table, where the light lamp was rested. I raise my hand and cover half of my face, rubbing it gently. Faint and dizziness pass upon me and with my other hand, I accidently tip off the lamp. Once it hits the floor, the light bulb breaks and the bright light slowly fades to black. I find myself laying next to the shattered glass, but I didn’t feel the impact of the fall. I around to see Yoongi’s arms wrapped around me. The moonlight shines on us from the window. My eyes work their way up to his face. His eyes are covered by the shadow of his hair from the moonlight. The light makes his black, soft hair appear silky. Out of nowhere, a tear drops from his eyes, to my cheek. He’s been separated from them, for what seems like forever.

I sit up slowly, still in his arms, but now laying on his chest. My hands willingly wrap around his waist and I immediately feel his body warmth, sending a chill around my body. I reposition myself and snuggle deeper into him. I don’t notice my heart beating fast. However, his presence has scared away my headache. I clear my throat and close my eyes.

The time ticks before we say anything. A long period of silence says so much.

“How long have you been alone…” I whisper, slowly. My eyes continue to sleep.

I feel him tighten his grasp around me. He rests his chin on my head.

“Not lon-” He clears his throat so it didn’t sound so faint. “Not long, since you came into my life.”

His cheesiness cause me to chuckle and I open my eyes. “Right.”

A smile creeps across his face as I peer up at him and he rubs my arm. “Seriously. Even before I transferred schools. That night, when I watched you and Jungkook perform. I never really knew your capabilities until that performance. The next thing I know, you show up at my new school. On top of that, I had Taehyung.”

My face is covered with confusion. “I don’t recall our first official ‘meeting’ too positive.”

I sit up straight and look at him in the eyes, two feet away from him. “I- I wasn’t the brightest then, I admit. I have my own reasons why.”

“I’m guessing they are too much to explain.” I lean forward, closer to his face. I feel his breath on mine. Should I… I faintly smile and brush my cheek past his, reaching for my phone on the couch. I check the time. “It’s late. I can’t guarantee that they didn’t come looking for me. I should go-”

Just then, the door slams open, scaring both me and Yoongi. A flashlight shines on our faces and I end up squinting my eyes from its brightness.


“Hoseok…?” My eyes render once he flashes the light elsewhere. “How did you-”

“You came to the right place Hopie. Sorry, but Namjoon is still getting first aid.” Yoongi interrupts me and nudges me off him purposely. Hoseok will get a wrong idea… not that he already has one.

“What do you mean? For what?” He looks around with his light and it lands to my wrapped up feet. “Jaemi what did you do… what did they do?”

“N-nothing, I-” One thing leading to another, Hoseok suddenly sweeps me off the ground.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Yoongi stands up, attempting to grab hold of me.

“You kidnapped her, didn’t you?” Hoseok does a 360, causing Suga to lose his grip on me. He stands by the doorway and takes one last glance at Yoongi.

“Please, don’t misunderstand. It wasn’t-”

“STOP defending him Jaemi. He doesn’t deserve it. He’s brainwashing you, manipulating you to be around him. If he told you he loved you, he doesn’t. He’s only using you to get back at Taehyung. To get back at all of us.” On that note, Yoongi is out of my sight and Hoseok takes us out of the house.

We don’t speak, not even for a second. I find myself staring at him in the dark, using the infrequent street lights to get a clear glance at him. After about ten minutes, he puts me down, tired. We stand under a faint street light. Though we stand feet apart from each other, he only stares at my feet.

I close my eyes and pucker my lips, letting out a sigh. “Please. Let me talk.”

The silent response shows me I have his undivided attention.

“I know you and Yoongi… and Namjoon have a past. But, I need you to hear me out. He isn’t really like the person you claim he is. The games he plays, the manipulation, they are all covering his real self… and I know you have the right to disagree with me-” I pause myself and raise my left hand to his cheek. Cold. Moist.

I raise his face gently so I can see it clearer in the little light given from the street lamp. Dry tear stains. “Did you run into Namjoon?”

He turns away from me and puts a hand on my elbow, lowering my hold on his face. “Let’s just go home. Everyone is worried about you.”

“Hoseok, I’m fine. Can’t I just worry about you first?” I say, truthfully meaning it. “Out of everyone from the orphanage, I’m the most distant from you. I still remember when you didn’t come home one night and showed up the next morning, dizzy and tired. I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but you can’t hide it forever. If you can’t tell Byeol, then tell me. You told me she is like a mother to you. That you made that name for her. Byeol. But now I barely see you communicating with her, nonetheless with everyone else… what’s going on…?”

Hoseok clears his throat and gestures for us to keep walking. He recalls my wounded feet, and offers to give me a piggy-back ride. As he walks us, it takes him a few minutes to gather himself and respond to me. When he does, I close my eyes. Partially unprepared for what was coming to me, but more worried about Hoseok’s “errands.”

“It’s not just me… who Suga is toying with. Namjoon, Seokjin, Jungkook, Jimin… Taehyung… and now you. It ALL starting two years ago. Who knew that summer would be life changing.”

“What do you mean?” I question. That summer affected them too?

“What I mean is, since then, everything has changed. Suga’s been treating us like targets. He has a clipboard, and when he exploits our weaknesses, he ruins us. Picture a grid. A grid with all of Suga’s schemes...

1. Namjoon and I. We were the best of friends. Family. Even with the orphans around me, he was still the one I was most comfortable with. Namjoon’s parents were going to adopt me. They were going to bring a happiness to my life by making Namjoon and I official. But, I don’t know, Suga was jealous and he did something. He talked to Byeol. He blackmailed Namjoon, and he still is. Because of him, I never got a real family… Not that Namjoon’s parents still care about him anymore… but that is Suga’s fault too.

2. Seokjin… Gaejin. Suga took his younger sister away from him. He convinced his adoptive parents to consider adopting another, and he pointed out Gaejin. Now here he is, still devastated, but better than weeks ago. What is Suga doing? Taking it for granted. He doesn’t even go to that house anymore. He lives in that lame abandoned house. Miles away from Gaejin.

3. Jungkook and Jimin. I don’t know what exactly happened then and there two years ago. Definitely after two weeks of meeting each other they were rivals. They hated each other. The beginning of the month, they were great friends. You can say that Suga, Jungkook and Jimin were inseparable… not to mention that Namjoon gave interest into them too. That is how Namjoon was first really introduced to Suga. I can’t be sure, but I’m sure the death of their parents had something to do with Suga. There is nothing he can’t do. They did something so bad from him to do that.

4. Taehyung. It took some time, but I know the minute Suga first laid eyes on you, he found Taehyung’s weakness. Taehyung… he really likes you- loves you. Now, Suga is pulling off shit like this, making you run away from the orphanage to see him. You must’ve hurt yourself coming this way. It’s either you ran for him, or he came to get you. He’s manipulating you into falling in love with him, into growing an affection for him.

Taehyung is the most innocent of all of us. I’m just trying to prevent Suga from succeeding in another 'master-mind' plan.”

By the time Hoseok tells me all of this, we make it to the gate of the orphanage. We walk into the property, but before we continue he turns around, pulling out a key from his pocket. He locks the gate with chains, securing it before walking once more.

“Hoseok… do you really think he intends to do those things? Do you even have proof?” I unnoticeably get worked up.

“Proof?” We make it to the front door and he puts me down to look me in the eyes. “I am the proof Jaemi. We all are. Don’t doubt me with this Jaemi. Even if he is trying to use you and manipulate you, he has a thing for you. He knows that you and Taehyung have a thing for each other. Knowing Yoongi all of these years, he will do anything for you if you choose to make it more than a thing with him. Don’t hurt Taehyung. Don’t hurt yourself. Please. We can’t lose you too.

He opens the door, eyes still locked with mine.

“I appreciate your care and worry towards me, but I can handle myself.” He pats me twice on the shoulder before heading inside first. He leaves the door open for me to enter, but I don’t budge. I try to re-process what he told me the walk home. Hoseok went through all the trouble, just to find me. He even carried me home. How can I NOT care about him.

What do I even do with Yoongi and Taehyung. It’s overwhelming. All of this is overwhelming. Yoongi and Taehyung are brothers. If what Hoseok’s saying is true, then I don’t know Yoongi at all. But I can’t believe what Hoseok is saying unless I hear it from someone else. Unless I hear from Namjoon. But, I don’t want to know if it’s the truth. I won’t be able to look at Yoongi the same way again. Hell. I can’t even look at Taehyung the same, nor Minji. They are ALL related. It’s been covered up. Why is this covered up? WHY didn’t Jungkook and Jimin tell me about this before?



What am I doing with myself…

Seokjin, Namjoon, Hoseok, Jimin, Jungkook, Taehyung… Yoongi MUST have reasons why he does the things in the way they played out. It CAN’T be his fault. That’s not the Yoongi I know.

Then again… Jimin and Jungkook weren’t who I thought they were. They were more. This all doesn’t make sense. Why does all of this connect back to me?

Gaejin was adopted by Yoongi’s adoptive parents, but why did he invite me to dinner there? What was his purpose? His message?

Hoseok comes home in the morning tired. He is the one who found me of all the members in the orphanage. Why did Yoongi purposely let Hoseok know about his abandoned house? More so, did he plan for Namjoon and Hoseok to meet in the middle of all of this?

Did Yoongi affect Byeol’s decision to take Jimin under her wing? He shows up out of nowhere, to THIS specific orphanage… Yoongi was there the day my parents died. Did HE affect Minji’s decision to take me to Buncheon, and away from Jungkook as payback? For ME to be with HIM and leave Jungkook alone? And “accidently” I meet Taehyung, who happens to be his brother? On top of that, Minji is his sister? What the hell is going on? How come all of this “scheming” doesn’t sound anything like the Yoongi I was with an hour ago…

I spaced out, and regain conscious from Taehyung’s breath on my face. “Jaemi.”

His voice is deep and soothing. “Hm?”

“Aren’t you going to come inside? It’s chilly out here.” He wraps a fluffy, chocolate brown blanket around me. “Come and have something warm to drink.”




So, this chapter elaborated more on Jaemi's thoughts on this whole situation. All in good time, all in good time. It's important to make this known to you all so that it will make more sense when she "solves the mystery."

I was honestly sooooo excited to reveal this because it shows how there are TWO sides to Yoongi and she doesn't know which to believe. More on that, she doesn't know how to react towards Taehyung after what she discovers. Manipulation? HMMMMMM. We'll see.

Find out what happens next this coming Tuesday~ Thank you so much for reading~!!!

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Love you all and see you in the next chapter~~~


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