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Finding My Way



Walking outside, I feel a rush of shivers climb down my spine and I spot Taehyung. He sits uncomfortable in the shade of the trees that hover over the pond. I observe his calm actions before sitting next to him. My hands lay nervously in my lap and my eyes stay on him. It doesn’t take a second for me to realize he was waiting for me when he immediately inches closer to me.

“The flowers are starting to grow in the meadows.” Taehyung comments, starting small talk. “Spring is on its way.”

I purse my lips for a split second, unsure of how to respond. “...Eo.”

“Yoongi loves the spring.” He looks down and a small smile grows on his face. Yoongi? Isn’t that… Suga? “I remember how he’d always pick flowers for the young orphans here… when he was still here… when we were still friends.”


“He attempted to teach me how to play the piano once. But, I didn’t have any skill and he was impatient. I ended up leaving the studio with a scolding and slap on the head from him. Back then, I was best known for tattle-tailing. I told Byeol what happened and he was forced to skip dinner.” Is he… opening up to me? “I knew he hated me, but for some reason, I’d never want to leave him alone. When he was excused from dinner, I had no appetite to eat… and I found him here. At the pond.”

“Is that why your so attached to this place?” I question, observing the breathtaking view of the pond.

“We’d talk here for hours. In this very spot.” Taehyung smiles and takes my hand, bringing my attention back to him. “With him, I never felt happier. He was like the older brother I never had. In some way, I felt connected to him. I even fantasized that we’d be adopted by the same family and raised as real brothers.”

“What happened between you two?” With my free hand, I place it on top of Taehyung’s hand, sandwiching it.

“We were so close. You could say we were inseparable. However, one night, he didn’t come home. I was too scared to tell Byeol, so I waited here early in the mornings for his arrival. When he finally showed up, he’d tell me ‘everything’s okay,’ and I was gullible enough to believe him… But nights like these kept occurring, more than not. And one day… he told me to call him, ‘Suga.’” My lips part as I watch Taehyung attempt to contain his tears. I let loose from his hand and let him lean on me. I use my hands and caress his hair as an act of comfort. “And since then, he’s changed. He pushed me away and left me with no answers. A few years later, I meet him at school, and the Yoongi I knew was dead. Suga replaced him.”

“Oh, Taehyung. I’m so sorry.” Without hesitation, I pull him into a hug and he naturally rests his head on my chest. He wraps his arms around my waist and for the first time since I’ve met Taehyung, I hear him cry. Wail. Weep. Sob. Whimper. Bawl his eyes out until they dried out. It looked like I was sweating through my uniform by the time he settled down. I rock him forward and backward.

“Your the first one.” Taehyung says, barely getting a whisper out. "I never breathed word about this until now… but I'm glad I did.”

That’s why it was hard for him to tell me. All of his pain from the past worked up until this moment, where he let it all out. Just because I complained last night at the diner.

I check my watch. “It’s getting late. We should hurry and eat breakfast if we want to catch the train.”

It takes him a few deep breathes before he lifts himself up gets his act together. I help him stand up and we walk hand in hand back into the building. “Thank you for telling me about your past.”

Taehyung gives me a brief smile before dropping into a neutral expression. When I spot Jimin walking down the hallway, I release my hand from Taehyung’s grip and greet him with a bear hug. “Good morning, Jimin.”

“G’morning, Jae.” He ruffles my hair and puts an arm around Taehyung with a bright smile. “Did you sleep well, Taehyung?”

“Yes, thank you for asking, Jimin.” Taehyung grins and pats Jimin’s back. “I’m looking forward to these morning greetings everyday.”

I find myself smiling as I overhear Jimin’s morning greeting to everyone.


Jungwon Buncheon Train Station- North Side

As we depart from the train and head towards school, the usual trail of students come and greet us. Their eyes widen in awe as they gaze at the new face. Gorgeous light brown hair that’s parted in the middle. His buildup is almost perfect and his warm smile takes them all by surprise. Seokjin shoos them away and we make our way to our classroom on the third floor.

“Jae…” Jimin whispers behind me. “Where should I sit?”

“I don’t know.” I turn around and face him. “I suggest we take you to the office to check in first. I’ll take you.”

Taehyung, who was listening in to our conversation, takes my bag off of my shoulders. I briefly nod a thank you to him and take Jimin out of the room. Jimin casually puts on arm around my shoulder, like the old times, down the hallway. He walks to my left side, like the old times. The way he looks at me with a small grin and wink, just like the old times. Regardless of the thousands of eyes staring at us, I can’t help but chuckle and smile widely remembering all of his little actions. Dejavu. If only Jungkook were here to complete these memories and actions.

The morning bell rings and Jimin is still filling out his paperwork. I click my feet on the floor as I sit beside him. My hands rest on the sides of the chair. The clicking of my shoes can be heard throughout the entire office. It’s always quiet here.

“You still do that?” Jimin smirks. His eyes are glued to the paper.

“Do what?” I steal a glance at him. With the pen in his hand, he acknowledges my shoes and I stop clicking them. “You remember?”

“I never forgot. Did you think I would?” Jimin creeps a smirk as he walks to hand in his paperwork.


As we walk back down the hallways, a familiar face comes into view. I raise my hand and wave with a smile. “Good morning Namjoon!”

“You cutting class, Jaemi?” He carries a few files in one hand and salutes me with two fingers. He scans Jimin from head to toe and returns his gaze at me. “With your new boyfriend?”

Jimin bows slightly with an uneasy expression. “It's great to see you two, Rap Mon. I'd never imagine talking to you again and yet here we are.”

Isn't this the first time they encountered each other face to face? Why is Jimin suddenly acting this way? Normally, he'd act more polite and give a proper bow with his charming warm aura…

Namjoon heaves a short sigh. “Well I'd better get going. I have papers to turn in for you teacher. See you at lunch, Jaemi.”

“Eo… I'll see you then.” I nod my head, stilling configuring answers to my thoughts about Jimin and Namjoon’s relationship.


“Namjoon.” There's a hint of disappointment in Jimin’s voice.

“Do you two know each other?” I question as we continue to walk to class.

“No.” Jimin shakes his head. “I've only heard the rumors about him and what not. I made the decision to unassociated with him because of them.”


Our professor comes out of the classroom once she spots us a few feet from the door. “Go ahead in, Jaemi. Thank you for taking our transfer student to and fro from the office.”

“Ne.” I bow before entering the classroom. Taehyung shoots his head up the minute he spots me and smiles. Most eyes were on me. Especially Suga. His arms are folded on his desk and uses them as a pillow for his chin. As if it was a natural instinct, we turns our heads, facing each other at the same time and meet eye to eye. He adjusts his posture as I walk down the aisle. With seconds I break contact with him. I probably shouldn't interact with him this morning. I wouldn't want to disappoint taehyung and make him think opening up to me was a bad idea.

I take my seat just as Jimin and our Professor walk in through the door. “Class, we have a new transfer student. Please give him a warm welcome and treat him well.”

She turns her head, expecting Jimin to introduce himself. There is a hesitation and a loss of confidence before he smacks a grin on his face. He bows politely, one at Professor Lee, then to the rest of the students sitting impatiently before him. Suga’s eyes reverts from me to Jimin. “Hello, I’m Park Jimin. Transfer from Busan High School of Arts. Please take care of me. I look forward to finishing the school year with you all.”

Jimin’s eyes rest on mine and I give two thumbs up. Taehyung watches my actions and copies my response to Jimin’s greeting.

“Alright, well I have a class to teach, Jimin. Let’s get you seated somewhere.” Professor Lee sighs and searches the room. “There’s a vacant seat next to Sug-”

Yoongi.” Jimin whispers, loud enough for the entire room to hear.


Annyeong my readers!

Keeping it short and sweet, writing a tight chapter for you guys. I changed my updating schedule. I LOVE writing, but I have other, more important, priorities to focus on. I'll updated as soon as possible. DON'T WORRY :)

Thank you so much for reading~! VOTE///COMMENT///SUBSCRIBE to hear more from me. AND, I just updated my bio, so check that out too when you have the chance.

All the best,
~Alexis Thao


I'm seriously fangirling it's just-

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HOLY CRAP! I was shook when I saw this story was updated, I'm so happy! >.< Yayyyy lol. Love you and your stories, i re-read everything like 3 times. Nothing defeats this hehehe. The chapter is so intense! That was unexpected and i'm in love with it! THank you for updating

annabanana2427 annabanana2427



evidently it was also put up on exo fanfic ;)
additionally, this isn't the only non-exo story uploaded on exofanfic site either. but thanks for commenting

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yo just saying this is an EXO ff website not BTS

I'm so happy that you're updating. Your ffs r amazing. so much better than mine.