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Code 543


Park Chanyeol had a lot of secrets. Even when he was in pain, he triumphed through - never telling a soul - especially not Byun Baekhyun. Chanyeol desperately tried to run away from his secrets and hide his feelings until one day, all of those secrets caught up to him. When tragedy strikes the members of EXO, they are forced to make a decision - do they stay and fight or give up? The longer Chanyeol and Baekhyun tried to deny the truth, the more the other members got in their way. Would they follow in Sehun and Luhan's footsteps? Or would disaster strike again before they got their happy ending?

Rating: R / NC-17

Length: 27 Chapters

Status: Complete

Read: AFF and Tumblr

Main Characters:
Park Chanyeol* (Chanyeol)
Byun Baekhyun* (Baekhyun)
Oh Sehun* (Sehun)
Lu Han^ (Luhan)
Kim Junmyeon* (Suho)

Minor Characters:
Kim Jongin* (Kai)
Zhang Yixing^ (Lay)
Kim Minseok* (Xiumin)
Kim Jongdae* (Chen)
Huang Zitao^ (Tao)
Wu Yifan^ (Kris)
Do Kyungsoo* (DO)
Park Yoora* (Yoora) - Sister of Park Chanyeol*
Kim Jihoo* - South Korean Actor

Supporting Characters
: For a list of supporting characters, please click here (contains spoilers)


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Thank you AhRa92 for recommending Code 543 on AFF! (View here)

[AFF Comment] Ohnhi56 (Jun 15, 2016 6:00:20) This story really opens your eyes to reality, huh. I'm honestly speechless after ready this. So many emotions and twists, I can't barely take it all in. When I started getting into this story, I thought it was a lighthearted angst with the sterotypical sad cliches I love so much, but it was so much more. The feelings people go through realizing and excepting their sexuality felt almost too real. It hit pretty close to home, and I've never related to a fanfic like this so much. The point of sometimes you don't realize your own feelings until someone points them out to you, also hits close to home. The discriptance on the learning and acceptance in new relationships and experience was so humane; it didn't feel like reading words, but reliving someone else's memory. Two couples helping eachother, and standing with eachother, it was beautiful to read. Perhaps, I just relate to this plot line too well, and I hope my relationships will last like what Baekyeol had with Hunhan. And of course, it's always a nice thought for my kid to marry by best friend's kid. Speaking of which, Jia and Lì An were adorable. They turned into my otp with just a few chapters. I teared up when Sehun talked to Jia on her wedding day and also when he left her his and Luhan's wedding bands. This story has so many beautiful tropes I absolutely loved. This comment doesn't even have all of them. Defs one of my favs fanfics!!!

[AFF Comment] Zoilahamster (May 7, 2016 12:39:51) Wow. I don't know what to say. [...] I enjoyed a lot from this one, it's very well written, the connection with other characters was perfect and the way you describe their feelings is beautiful. [...] I will just say that you made me feel sad, happy, worried and lots of other emotions, so thank you for this amazing story.

[AFF Reply] @joana666 I'm sorry that this story made you cry but I hope that it made you laugh and feel warm as well! I combined all of my favorite stories, music, and EXO moments to make this fiction, yet highly realistic, story. Thank you for the kind compliments. Sehun's first loss was to show/symbolize the strength that the members of EXO have. They have suffered heartbreak and loss in real life, just like in the story, in yet they continue to be strong influential men. His second loss was to symbolize the moment that Luhan left EXO and the pain that he must have felt loosing his best friend. Sehun's story had to end the way that it did to symbolize the hope that one day, Sehun and Luhan will find their way back to each other again. Their friendship was truly beautiful and I hope they find that happiness again one day.

[AFF Reply] @hannah320 Thank you for taking the time to even read one chapter! If you decide to read the rest, I would love to know how the rest of the story makes you feel as well. I transcribed this story in hopes of really capturing the pure love and strength that EXO represents. Where I am in the world, I don't get to see that kind of love every day and I think it's something so precious that needs to be shared. As fans, I think many often forget that EXO are human beings. They are going to rise, they're going to fall, they're going to love, and they're going to hurt. I hope this piece showed all of that with the same respect and grace that EXO shows us every single day.