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The Vampire Xia

The Vampire Xia

Awendela entered the ballroom, music echoing off the walls, vampires milling around, a lot more than had been registered as living in the castle, which told her a boat load had arrived for the party. She threw her irritation at the Xia across the large room but knew it didn’t make it both from the lack of response from the Xia sitting in his throne and from the lack of his presence at the edge of her mind. Plus they were way more than ten feet away.

Shemar whispered to her, “Don’t worry security is tight and doubled for this evening; none of the new guest are staying either.”

Her eyes jerked to the vampire escorting her to the Xia, he was grinning having known her thoughts. She grumbled next to him for show and he laughed softly, eyeing her in the dark purple evening gown. She hated the dress, it was strapless and for a woman with small breast, she felt like the dress was going to slide off regardless of the tightness and amount of double side tape she had on. It was beautiful to a fault but not her style at all.

“Relax, you look like you are not in your own skin. Vampires take advantage of little things like that.”

“It’s the dress. I never wear strapless,” she muttered back, feeling the Xia’s presence entered her mind as they approached the small raised stage where he sat on his throne, a beautiful woman stood behind him, her hand laying on the top of the throne rather seductively.

The woman had short black hair, apple red lips, porcelain white skin and was dressed in a simple skin-tight black evening gown with the softest of chrome and silver accents. She was stunning and Awendela was distracted by the woman who smiled cloyingly at her. A sharp rap on her mind brought her attention back to the Xia who looked impassive. She curtsy quick and high to him, Shemar bowing next to her.

“You look very nice Ms. Shemihaza,” the Xia commented.

~Excuse me?~ she asked in her mind since he had never once called her that since last party.

~We are in public~

“Thank you, your grace. I should thank you for this evening, though unnecessary. It looks amazing, I am sure I will enjoy it. My thanks.”

“There were many people who wished to meet my new commander of the guard and the heir to the Night Watch.”

“I am sure but look at us we are being rude to your lady here,” she said, turning her attention to the woman.

“Awendela Shemihaza,” she introduced herself.

The woman smiled, moving forward and kissing Awendela on both cheeks, “the Lady Lilith, but Lilith please.”

Awendela noted the lack of surname but said nothing, “Awen or Wende please.”

“Wende, very sweet. Come, the Xia must greet the rest of his guests, let me introduce you to the women of Court.”

Lilith threaded her arm with Awendela and stirred her towards a group of chatting women. She followed willingly enough, resisting the urge to turn and look around at the Xia, wondering what she got into.

“Ladies, ladies,” Lilith said greeting the group of four women with kisses on cheeks, very chic-like.

“Allow me to introduce the new commander of the Xia’s guards and the heir of the Night Watchers, Awendela Shemihaza.”

A lovely petite woman with slightly Asian features move forward to greet her with kisses on the cheeks as well, “Duchess Annabelle Abbott.”

The English accent threw Awendela off a little bit when another of the woman introduce herself.

“Baroness Chakori Johar,” the dark skinned woman said with a heavy Indian accent.

“Vidame Sophia Zavala, pero que linda!” a lovely exotic woman said with a heavy Spanish accent, kissing her on each cheek, holding her by the shoulders at arm’s length studying her from top to bottom.

“Mira those eyes, so beautiful. Can I keep her my lady?” the woman said smiling with full teeth, Lilith grinning herself.

Awendela blinked, shifting her shoulders to gently remove the woman’s hands.

Sophia waved her hand in the air, “I am teasing mi bella.”

The last woman gently smacked Sophia’s hand, “you are scaring the child,” she scolded gently, she was the oldest looking vampire Awendela had ever seen.

She was elegant, lovely and graceful, a little mother-like, which surprised Awendela seeing the woman was a vampire, a mother was not something she tend to associate when she thought of vampires.

“Marchioness Carlotta DiNozzo and pay no mind to Sophia, she is just playing with you.”

“Nothing I cannot handle, my lady,” Awendela replied smirking at Sophia who laughed, “fiery, I like it mi bella.”

“If you have questions about Court feel free to ask anyone of us,” Chakori said, “We are the main women at Court and know just about everything going on.”

Awendela smirked, “The main gossip circle?”

“But of course mi bella.”

Lilith shook her head, “don’t give her a bad impression ladies. Come Wende let me continue to introduce you around.”

Awendela nodded her head to the women as Lilith lead her away. The rest of the evening was her meeting and greeting the Court, accepting dances from an array of men until finally the night finally drizzle down to an end. Awendela would have excused herself long ago to retire, wanting to get an early start but since the ball was in her honor she had been stuck to stay the entire evening. However, she admitted she had enjoyed herself, there was an underlining current of power and ranking playing the entire time, which had been amazing to watch as she made her rounds.

Vampire Court was a scary thing, even Awendela could admit as much. Finally the last of the guest had gone leaving herself, Carlotta, Shemar and a handful of guards plus the servants cleaning up. The Xia had already retired escorted by his main guards. She hadn’t seen him the entire night except in passing.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” Carlotta asked, looping her arm with Awendela’s as they made their way back to their rooms.

“It was a very enjoyable evening,” Awendela replied.

“You are so proper, you parents taught you well how to speak to powerful people, but I hope you can one day see me as a friend, you can trust me my dear though that cannot be said about everyone at Court as you will soon come to realize. Court is a whirlwind chess game, pieces being moved across the board in a blink of an idea but unlike regular chess, new pieces are added with every few moves and traps lay in wait where you least expect them. I know your job here is to protect the Xia against the rebels, all of Court knows. This will gain you enemies, but just being who you are will automatically gain you very few favors. You are a vampire hunter by profession and daughter to a very powerful family. You should know that my circle and I are with you and will protect you if we need to.”

“I hardly nee-“

“Hush, child. Do not be so foolish as to think you can understand the world of vampires because you hunt us. What you hunt are but a factor of us, and it is the least desirable of us and the least like us. Those rogues that pray on the humans and other supernaturals are just animals to us. There is a delicate balance of power right now, you are trained in the art of protection and fighting but politics?”

Awendela stopped to listen and study the woman. The woman seemed kind enough but even she knew she couldn’t trust her. Anyone could be against the Xia and bending her ear and gaining her trust was a step closer to him.

“Oh child, I see those wheels turning. I know you do not trust me and you are right not to. However, heed my warning about politics, watch and learn all you can. If you have questions about it ask myself or any of the other ladies with me this evening but not-“

Carlotte stopped, pursing her lips together, glancing around the deserted hallway, “go to you rooms quickly,” she breath, if Awendela hadn’t been listening intently she probably wouldn’t have heard her.

Awendela shifted but Carlotte leaned forward kissing her cheek, “go, act normal.”

She shifted backwards, “I am so glad you enjoyed the ball my dear. I hope we can speak again if time permits. I know you will be busy. Sweet dreams, child.”

“Good night,” Awendela replied as Carlotte slipped away going to a door just a few feet away.

She continued down the hall towards her own rooms, feeling eyes watching her the entire way.



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