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Dongwoo's Home

oh lordt, there's a wolf

Jagiya!” Dongwoo hollered as he came through the door. Expecting you to come running to him, he was surprised when he didn’t hear your running feet or high-pitched screams.

He dropped his bags. “Jagiya?” he tried again. There was still no answer. After removing his shoes and slipping into slippers, he started to search the apartment for you. He reached the end of the hall when he heard the faint tinkle of water coming from the bedroom you shared together. A sly grin played on his lips.

He approached the bathroom door, quietly placing his hand on the knob. After counting to three, he twisted the knob and forced his shoulder into the door. It didn’t open, but instead scared you.

You whipped your head around the shower curtain, hair drenched. “Who’s there?” you asked fearfully.

He forced the door open again. You cut off the water and reached for your nightshirt and underwear and dressed. You also grabbed the plunger also to use as a weapon.

Waiting for the person to try and force him or herself in again, you held the knob and wielded the plunger above you. He ran into the door again. You swiftly threw open the door and lunged at the intruder with the plunger, screaming. You forced him to the ground.

Jagiya, it’s me!” Dongwoo shouted, his hands up defensively. You instantly dropped the plunger and rushed to stand. Dongwoo straightened his clothes out and moved to his feet.

You touched his cheek and placed a kiss on the other. “I missed you so much, Woo-yah!”

He brought his arms to rest around your waist, “I missed you too, baby.” He pressed a long kiss to your lips. Then he pulled away to admire you. “You know you didn’t come running into the living room when I came in…”

“Cause I was in the shower,” you reminded him. “Until I was interrupted by a wolf.” You wrapped your arms around his shoulders.

“Where is this wolf?” He teased, playfully looking around before turning his attention back to you. “I’ll teach him a lesson for you. No one messes with my girl!”

“My strong Woo-yah,” you coddled him, bringing your foreheads together. He picked you up and brought your legs around his waist. When your bodies made contact, a spark set off between you two. Dongwoo lost his balance and fell back onto the bed with you on top of him. You landed with your arms spread on either side of his face, your body looming over him.

He grinned, running his hand over your side. “Speaking of missing you…” he bit his bottom lip.

You sensed the passion radiating off of him. “What about it?”

“I missed touching you.”

“Really?” you mused, sitting back on your heels. He nodded slowly closing his eyes. You were sitting at his hips, your ass dangerously close to his crotch. “You want to remind me where exactly?”

He acknowledged your challenge and took it on, his hand starting at your face. “I missed touching here…”

A finger slinked down, gently splitting your clothed chest. You bit your lip to keep from satisfying him. “And here….” His hand slipped behind you, ending with a firm slap on your butt. “And especially there.”

“Goddamn,” you murmured, about ready to lose your mind. You leaned down and sealed your lips with an airlock tight kiss, not wanting to let up on him. Once you felt lightheaded, did you give up trying to smother him.

He continued, “What is it that you usually call me when I make you feel good?” His voice was now husky, next to your ear.

“Woo-yah?” You said absently, your eyes closed as his hand slipped down the length of your spine.

“No, no. The other one.”

“Daddy,” you corrected yourself.

“Yeah, that one.” You reacted to him and pressed yourself back into his growing hard-on. “Aish! Baby, you sure are eager with how you’re pressing up against me like that.” He laughed, pressing his hand against your face while the other wandered.

“Didn’t I tell you I missed you?” You took his lip in between your teeth playfully before releasing it. “I’m so glad your home.”

“Say it,” he breathed.

Your face flushed from embarrassment. You started to work on the buttons of his shirt instead, but his grip around your wrist stopped you. Your eyes met.

“Baby, say it,” He practically growled now. You shook your head teasingly.

Dongwoo sat up, surprising you. Usually, he would just give into your declination, not wanting to ruin the mood, but tonight he seemed adamant in his ways. What he did next threw you for a loop. He brought your hand from his chest to his face. After a beat, he put one into his mouth and massaged it with his tongue.

“Holy fuck,” you muttered. Through your heavy lids, you could have sworn you saw him grinning like a fucking madman. He worked over both hands with his mouth before stopping. He watched you expectantly.

“It looks like you’re all out of fingers,” he phrased, “Now as much as I’d like to work on the rest of you, I can’t unless you say those magic words, jagiya.” He gave you one of his sly smirks.

As much as you wanted to be stubborn, your body craved him badly. Your lips closed in on his ear before you whispered to him, “Daddy’s home.”

You felt his face move, forming into a satisfied smile before he grabbed you and flipped you over. “And it’s time to play!”


You can probably guess what song inspired this. "Daddy's Home" by Usher

Scrolling Tumblr, either I wasn't looking in the right places or it just doesn't exist, but I felt Dongwoo needed some lovin'. Maybe I got into this way too much. Oh lordt, my face is heated. ☺ Feel free to leave me a comment as I cool down.


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