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New self

Chapter 6

Ceo- Introduce yourself
Me- nae ! Anyoehaseo leylo-imnida
Ceo- So this will be your new TV show. You will have to shoose your own girlgroup members.
Me- Nae ? Ani waeyo ?
Ceo- You will be the new girlgroup's leader and you will debut with 3 other members in two weeks.
Me- alright but are you sure I can do that ?
Ceo- I don't know but that will be your audition so if your don't do it well you can forget debuting in YG.

He stood up and went out. His word stayed in my mind " forget debuting". That's harsh... And where can I find other girls for a girlgroup.
The PD-nim gave me something. I looked up to him. And he probably understood with my gaze.

PD- It's a mission card. That way you can know better what to do.

On the mission card was written :
You, leylo, are now tested by YG. In the next two week you will go to school and will be able to participate to this agencies trainees. Your dorm has been equiped by cameras in every room, hope you make this enjoyable. At the end of this two weeks you will be juged on how entertaining you were and on your team. If the judging end bad you can say goodbye to YG. Your song is already written and the dans is already made but you need time to train so be fast in your choosing.
signed : PD

That's scary... So I only have two weeks and I need team members, then training with all my might... I will try to take four days choosing.
I then realised the camera where still there. Oh and I need to be entertaining.

Me- Sorry for the blank but seriously I am in an awe right now haha. Oh ! Pd-nim could I get a sel-camera ?
PD- Why ?
Me- So you don't have to follow me around every time, I think it would be easier for you.
PD- Well that can be done. before thate tape changing !!

Did he say "well" right now. Just then I saw the BI from this morning and touched my lips. That world shoul never be pronounced again or else I will think about that moment. I wouldn't think of him otherwise.

PD- Here a camera. We will have some cameras installed in the building as of now don't forget to film a lot and good luck.

He seemed to pity me.
Me- Thanks
I smiled broadly. I saw him blushing. He's a man after all.

I switched the camera on and went out.

Me- Let's see... *turn the camera as selfie* Here is YG. I can't explain a lot about it since it's my first day. I don't even know how to get out. *hear music* Oh!! Wait there's music. *The practice room door was open and I watched in, it was GD and I started dancing in the hall.* Yey !! That's fun !! *GD stops and looks at me* Oh ! I thnik I got caught. Should I run away or.. ?
GD snaps the camera and asks me in.
GD- Dance that again !!
Me- Sunbae, is that an order ?
GD- Yes !!
Me- okey
I gave in really fast and that made him laugh. ( Sooo cute )
I started dancing like crazy but then I becme serious.

If I saw well GD sat down.And I started dancing like I did in France,like I did to forget my pain, like I did to get over that boy.
My mouvement became precise and hard like my sadness at that time.
I start turning around a few times, and felt then nauseos like I did seeing him taking that girls money. I fell down in splits and it hurt as did my heart when he, junho, told me I wasn't even worth the money he was given. My heart started hurting again. My eyes became blury. My mouvement became shorter. I tried to stand back up but fell down again.

GD came running to me and helped me up.
GD- Follow my lead.
He did as if he was dancing with me and then went to the camera.
GD- Sorry little fans but we need to discuss YG family sories. Byyye.
He did his killer smile, turned it off and came to me.

GD- Are you alright? That were awsome moves.
I cried but I don't think he saw it. As I looked up his eyes widened in shock.

He hugged me immediatly.

GD- I am here. Calm down.. Wanna go shopping to change your ideas ?
I accepted and went on a shopping tour with G-dragon.


inpiration came finally :p hope you liked it :) Comment pleaaaaaase, I love comments :D


Ok that's fine

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I will I just need to find the time ;)

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I loved the story. Please continue if you are.

Jessiloveskpop Jessiloveskpop

sorry for the two 13 chapters :p my mistake ^^

Ikonly Ikonly

I am trying but I don't have a lot of time ^^

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