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Are you going to listen ( remastered)


Everything started when he confessed.......

To day i was going out with sehun and the others. I wasn't expecting anything really but just to have fun ,and do crazy things with my friends .My friends and i arrived at a club that sehun was planning on sneaking us in. " Hey we are here" . Sehun gestured us to come on . He picked the lock to the door and opened it. " Bad Ass "! Sehun yelled while we walked in. Sehun was my bestfriend , and we were like real bestriends not the one year thing im talking about. Since first grade. We are in the eleventh grade now and still friends.I still have a crush on him but i hold back. Some people say that a boy and a girl cant be friends for a long time but look at me and sehun. The club was full of half naeked women and men dancing and hoping around. I really wasn't the type to like this , but i was with my bestfriend. Sehun walked up to me with a cup of wine in his hand and told me to drink it. " Come on.Luka you can drink it, its just wine". I rolled my eyes , and grabbed the cup . Before you knew it i drank it all and got drunk. Then all i knew was i just started dancing and saw sehun cheering me on .

-Next day-

I was morning and i found that i was in my bed with the clothes i had on last night at the club. " Shit"! I looked at the clock and i was almost late for school. I rushed into the bathroom , and washed up . I picked out my outfit. Which was a crop top with high waist pants , and high tops . Then i rushed back into the bath room to fix my hair . Once i got done i ran out of the house .

When i arrived at school i saw sehun in the hallway talking by my locker. I smiled and walked over to him. He looked at me and stopped the conversation and walked up to me. " So how was the club last night"? Sehun asked while bitting his lip. " I dont know it was cool i guess". I said before he lulled out his phone and showed me a video of me dancing . Dancing provocatively. I hit him on his arm " Are you serious dont freaking record anything of me like that. Sehun chuckles, " But besides that i need to use your computer..I'll be over there today". I nod my head , then the bell rings . We all head off to class.


While i was at home , sehun was on my computer , and i laying on my bed texting. My phone died , and i put it on the charger , and then closed my eyes and took a nap. While i was sleep i started to feel the bed moving . Then i felt body heat . My eyes shot open to see sehun right over me. " Sehun ..what are you doing"? I asked , but he stayed quiet. Then he kissed me i was pretty shocked , but i liked him too . I also knew he had a girlfriend. Our kissed turned into a hot and heated one before he took it too far . He tried rubbing my sensitive spot through my pants. Then i slapped him . Not knowing that this would change everything that we shared in the past. Then affect everything now. Our friendship wasnt really friendship ,he started giving me stares that made me uncomfortable, smirks that would make anyone scared of him. Hisctrue colors started to show . That sweet friendly , and lovely sehun that i had a crush on isnt the person i know now.


Thanks for reading This is the remastered version of are you going to listen .


Update soon

Kpopkiana Kpopkiana

pls update!!!

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Wow i remember it ...but when are you going to update

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Book to is going to be even better

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