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Just a Mile Away

Just a Mile Away 7

While I was grading some assignments, Luhan starts his cleaning. He pushes the desk one by one to the opposite of where I'm sitting. And of course, all girls will pretend not to care.

During the time that he were cleaning, I kept stealing glances at him for his body is quite something to look at. Heheheh. Since he took off his outer jacket, he is now wearing a white collar shirt that shows his body line perfectly. And what kind of girl would not kill to see that.

I took out my cell phone and pretending to be texting, when I'm actually secretly taking picture of him. A pretty boy doing classroom chores is the kind of sight that you don't see in every dynasty. After moving all the desks to one side, he begin to sweep the floor. He was very busy going left to right and right to left.

When he finally reached where I'm sitting at, he purposely bumping the broom against the roller of my leather chair, so that I can't concentrate on what I'm doing. I ignored him but actually I was kind of annoy inside.

"Stand up please." He said in a mannerly way.

"Why?" I asked while still grading.

"Because I need to mop where you are sitting at, Miss Kang Jiyoung."

Gosh, he sounded like my grandpa.

"Just mop around me." I tried to convinced him when I know that it'll never work anyways.

"You are really not getting up?" He said again but more seriously this time.

"No, because I'm sitting in a very comfortable spot right now." I said while not moving a inch.

"You’re leaving me with no choice."

He suddenly pulled my chair—while I was still sitting on it—out of his way.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" I shout out in shock. "What are you doing!?"

He ignored me and continued to pushed me away from my desk.

"Since you don’t want to get up, then just sit still." He said and parked me at a far distance from my desk.

"Hump." I just crossed my arms and pouted at him.

He is slowly taking his precious time to mop that small corner where my desk is and it's making my eye lid drowsy.

"Do you want me to give you a kiss to wake you up, sleeping beauty?"

My eyes popped open by his question and his face were right in front of mine. I had no idea when did I actually knock out.

I slowly gain my sense back. I looked around and I'm still sitting in my leather chair, also still at same spot where he had parked me at.

"Maybe next time." He said and stood back up.

I glared up at him, "Why didn't you push me back?"

"I was about to, but I just don't to wake you up." He said.

"Well, now that I'm awake… you can push me back." I said as I crossed my leg. "I'm waiting."

He stared at me for a while, then burst out a chuckle.

"Okay, princess. Anything for you."

I had to admit, the way he chuckled is quite attractive but I have to keep my poker face on, for him to think that I'm not interested in him.

He took steps behind my chair and pushes me toward the chalk board. Then suddenly he turned me toward the open door instead of my desk.

"Hey!" I shouted at him. "My desk is that way!!! Luhan!!!"

He pushes me out of the classroom. As soon as he stopped pushing me, I stood out of the chair and turned to him.

"Luhan!" I shouted out his name again. But he shuts the door on me. "YAH!"

Singing the ABC's
, I wrote on the chalk board. I heard squeaky noises from the desks being move, but I just continued writing what we'll be doing for tomorrow.

I was writing diagonally across the chalk board, until my hip bumped onto something. And it was a desk. That is when I finally realized that all the desks were around me like a barrier.

I glared at Luhan and growled angrily. He leaned against the broom stick and chuckled.

"Okay." He sighed louder. "Now… which desks goes where?" He mumbled to himself. But I can definitely hear that.

"Here!" I jumped out of my chair and dashed over to him with a piece of paper. "This is the drawing of the desks. The desk has their name on it, so just follow the drawing." I handed him the paper. He glanced at it but didn’t grabbed it.

"Can you read the name out for me?" He walked over to the desks.

"Sure." I followed after him. "Starting from the right corner, Kim Dahee."

He searched here and there for the desk name. "Kim Dahee… Kim Dahee…" He mumbled to himself again.

I decided to take a quick glanced over at the desks and I spotted Kim Dahee's desk perfectly. "There." I pointed it out for him.

He looked around, "Where?"

"Right there! In the middle."

"Ahhh…" He spotted it and started moving the desks around it.

I watched him as he pushed Kim Dahee's desk out and placed it at the right corner.

"Right here?" He asked.

"Hmmm…" I walked over. "A little bit more to the right." He do as he was told. I measured it with my eyes and pushed the desk a little bit more. "Wait, wait." I rushed over to the front and reached out both my arms to measure and see if it's straight or not. "Perfect."

He steps in front of me and opened his arm. "Are you asking for a hug?" He said and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Eh!" I slapped his hand and he laughed. I ignored him and continued on, "The second desk is Lee Chunji."

While I was reading out the name, I ended up helping him moving all the desks back.

And finally, the last desk is pushed back into it's place.

"Yeah! Finish at last!!!" I beamed out in happiness.

"High-five." He said and held out his hand before me.

I grinned, "High-five!" I high-five him and he grabbed my hand. My eyes widen in shock and he tighten the hold.

"Luhan!" I shouted.

He grinned teasingly, "I won't let go until you say 'please'."

"NO! I would never!!! Ever!!!" I yelled through his ears.

I tried to pull my hand out of his hold, but it’s no help. He's 10 times stronger than I am.

"Let go!" I cried.

"No." He said half laughing.

"Let GOOOOO!!!"

My voice probably shook the whole school. And after all the strength that I have wasted, all I needed to say was…


I strolled down the side walk home, huffing and puffing angrily.

"Jiyoung ah!" His voice called out to me from behind. And I fasten my pace. "Jiyoung ah, wait up!"

He caught up quickly and continued to walked along with me.

"Why are you walking so fast?" He asked half breathing.

"Because there's a leech that likes to stuck with me." I said.

"Well, the leech you're talking about, probably had it's own reason to stuck with you." He said.

"But I don’t like it! I need my personal space. And don't you called me Jiyoung ah, Jiyoung ah, again! We are NOT that close!"

He went silent for a moment, "Then you can just pretend that I'm not here." He said.

Well, if he says so, then I'm going to ignored him. I'll held my head up high and pretend that he's not even existed—

"—AH!!!" I tripped and fell flat onto the cement. "Ouy…" I cried.
In surprised, he quickly kneeled down beside me and tried to help.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"No I'm NOT okay!" I cried out and pushed him while he was still hesitating on how to help me. "Why didn't you catch me!?" I whined, putting the blame on him.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know…" He said softly.

"You should know!" I rubbed my redden elbow.

"But I thought you'll going to pretend that I'm not here?"
Right. I forgot.

Feeling ashamed of myself, I dusted the dirt off my hands and tried to stand back up. His hand automatically held onto my arm and supported me up. As soon as my body puts weight onto my legs, my ankle collapsed and I was about to fall again but he caught me this time.

"Ahh.ah..aa." I cried out, lifting my left foot of the ground.

"I think your ankle got sprain." He said. And without hesitation he turned his back toward me and kneeled down.

"Eh, eh! Gets up!" I said in surprised and tapped his shoulder. "What are you doing?"

He turned his face to me. "Get on. I'll carry you home."

"Hak! Carry me—no, no, no!" I rejected him strongly. "You already did too much today, so don't waste your energy on me. My house is just over there, I can hop home. See!"

I tried to hopped away, but he grabbed my hands and pulled them to wrap around his shoulder and neck.

"Hold tight okay?" He said tenderly and wrapped his arm around my legs. Then carry me up on his back.

As my face gotten closer to his, more and more flashes of memories of that little boy runs through my head.

I was surprised when he turned his face toward mine and the tip of my nose tapped onto his cheek. His eyes met mine and I moved back a little.

"Sor..ry…" I said softly, very, very embarrass too. If I could hide my face I will definitely hide it forever and not appear in front of him again!

He smile, "It's okay."

I give him a crooked smile and looked away from his gazed. I don't want to admit it but I'll have to, maybe I'm falling for him more than I expecting.


Sorry if there's any wrong grammars, I suck at english writing. Thank you all for reading!!


Please update, I'd like to see what happens!

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baekhyun trash baekhyun trash

please update :))

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Please update!!! I miss reading this story T_T

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