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My Kpop Idol Boyfriend

Chapter 31: Sulli's Apology

~Your P.O.V.~
We finally arrived at Jeju and I was tired. Taemin grabbed my hand and we walked out of the plane and to the car. So many fans were here. Some were for me. I was surprised I got some after only doing one commercial. Wow. After going through the huge crowd, our van was already here to take us to our hotel. Sulli, Minho, and Jonghyun were in the back, Key, me, and Taemin were in the middle, and Onew sat in the passenger section in the front. I got hungry and looked through my bag to find the snacks SNSD unnies made for me. I opened one of the luch boxes and found egg rolls with rice. Hyoyeon unnie made this! It's her favorite food. I smiled but then something came to my mind. I remember her telling me something when we went to the mall that one day.
"Lee Eunhyuk. The main dancer from Super Junior. They went out for two years before he cheated on her with Yubin from Wonder Girls. But I don't think Yubin ever knew about the relationship.....
~End of flashback~
My eyes widened. Hyoyeon unnie told me about them before! I am so stupid to forget about something like that! Aish. But I shouldn't tell anyone about this yet. Especially Tiffany. My concentration was broken when I heard someone call my name. I turned my head and saw Taemin looking at me with a puzzled face. I returned the look and tilted my head.
" What?" I asked.
"You seem out of it. What are you thinking about?" He asked. I smiled and looked at my food.
"Just spacing out. That's it. Don't worry oppa." I told him and fed him a roll. He accepted it and started feeding me. The others just complained and told us that we were being gross but we didn't care.
~Sulli's P.O.V~
I looked at those two. Taemin seems really happy. Happier than he was with me. I smiled a bit and guilt just rushed over me. Am I being to clingy? Should I just move on like he did? Maybe it's time for me to say goodbye to the love that I once had for him. Maybe it was time for me to let him go.
~Taemin's P.O.V.~
_________ fell asleep and I smiled at her angelic face. She looks so peaceful sleeping. I looked back to see Sulli smiling. But it wasn't a smirk or an evil smile. It was a sad smile. Hmmm. I wonder what she was thinking. The car soon stopped and I didn't want to wake _________ so I grabbed her bag and carried her bridal style to the lobby.
"Aigoo. Look at my baby carrying his girlfriend like a man should. I just want to cry." Key was in his "umma" mode again. I smiled and kissed her forehead. Manager hyung told us that we wil be sharing rooms. It ws me, Jonghyun, and Key in one room. Minho and Onew in another. Then _________ and Sulli in the third room. I didn't feel comfortable with that but I couldn't do anything about it. I asked Jonghyun hyung to take my luggage to our room while I take _________ to her's. He nodded and left. I walked to _________'s roo. And knocked. Sulli opened the door wide to let us in. I carefully placed my sleeping girlfriend on her bed and kissed her forehead. As I headed out the door Sulli stopped me. I sighed. What now?
"Mian Taeminah." She said with tears coming out of her eyes. I looked at her with a confused expression. She's apologizing?
"I'm so sorry. I regret everything I did that made your life miserable. I'm sorry for punching your girlfriend, I'm sorry for putting dog s*** on her seat, and most of all for not letting you go when I should've. After breaking up I realwwhat I did and tried to get you back but instead I ended hurting you more and made you a cold person. And when I saw the way you looked at _________ when you guys started dating, jealousy and anger took over my body. I wanted to make her to suffer. Not because she made you back to your old self but because she got to claim you as her's when I wanted you. But now that I see you guys, it doesn't matter anymore because you're happy and I don't have any love for you anymore. So now I am just going to back off and move on. I just hope everyone can forgive me and we can all just be friends. Is that okay?" She stuck her hand out for me to shake. I looked into her eyes and saw sadness and regret. Can we be friends? I should think a bit more. But right now I can forgive her. I shook her hand.
"I forgive you Sulli. I'm not 100% sure about being friends bit we can try. Call?" She looked at me and smiled.
"Call." I smiled and left the room. I have a good.feeling about this.
*A few hours later*
~Your P.O.V.~
I woke up and looked at my watch. It was five thirty. I slept for some time. I went to my luggage so I can unpack but saw that all my stuff was gone. I panicked for a bit but found them in the dresser. I don't remember putting my stuff away.
"Oh. You're awake. I put your stuff away while you slept." I turned to see Sulli behind me. I almost yelled at her until she said something.
"I'm so sorry _________. I know I have been a terrible bitch to you. I tried to get you boyfriend, I hit you, and put crap on your seat. But I only did those things because I hated how you got Taemin when I wanted him for myself. But now I don't want him anymore. When I saw you two in the plane and the van. I saw how happy you guys were with each other." She had tears comimg down on her cheeks and I remained silent letting her continue.
"Guilt came over me and now I just want this madness to end already. I know that we can't be friends that easily but I hope-" I cut her off by hugging her.
"Sulli, it's okay now. We can be friends. I do believe in second chances sometimes and I think you deserve to have one. So how about we just start over? Okay?" I let go and held out my hand and she took it. We smiled and giggled at each other. Soon we ended up hugging again.
~Sulli's P.O.V.~
I feel a thousand times better now. No more drama. Just a fresh new start. We released from our hug and _________ said she ws going to see Taemin and asked if I wanted to come. I told I would catch up. She nodded and left. I went to the bathroom and washed my tear stained face. I took a deep sigh. I hope nothing will happen now. My phone rang and I saw who texted. My eyes went wide when I saw who sent it. Oh my God. Son Naeun is coming.


So Sulli changes her ways but what does A Pink's Son Naeun want? Can you guess? Leave a comment.


BTS Kookie BTS Kookie

Thanks for such an amazing story!!! It helped cheer me up a lot and it was so good! Continue your writing dream~ You're awesome :)

snsd_forever snsd_forever

Awsome I love the ending !! So cuuuute *-* :) :D Great story :)

Ikonly Ikonly

Great job! I enjoyed it.

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PLEASE update again soon!!

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