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The Curse

The Plan

For the next few weeks, Chaejin showed Zelo all he knew about fighting and the techniques the demons would most likely use. He had been correct when he said they were more powerful than the demons. With the added powers that Ellister had given them, they were faster, stronger and more capable with powers. The powers had been created that way, since Ellister wanted Zelo to help him destroy the world. If he knew that Zelo and Chaejin were going against him, he would kill them both. As it was now, he thought they were still following his plan, despite their open hatred for him. Chae hadn’t told Zelo that Ellister was planning on killing them both to take over the world. He would simply train him and continue to fool the demons and kill them when the time came. Not even Ellister could stop or control the teens' powers, and it was a disadvantage for him. Chaejin and Zelo planned on playing off of that.

One week before they where planning on striking, Chaejin was called back into Ellister's chambers. The old demon was sitting in his chair, glaring down at the young man.

"So, have you been doing as you were supposed to? Don't you dare lie to me." He was smiling again, which Chaejin found disgusting. The demons couldn’t read their minds, so Ellister wouldn’t know that Chaejin was a very good liar. He had used that tactic the entire time he had been in the compound, which was close to eighteen year now.

Chaejin glanced at him blankly. "Yes. I have seen him a few times, and we are still sharing a room, but I have not connected with him any further, as you wished. He still won’t agree to help us, but I may be able to convince him."

Ellister spaced out for a moment, speaking with someone. When he looked back up, two of the creatures entered. They stood by the door, waiting for command. He turned back to the teenager. "Are you sure?"

"Yes," Chaejin glared at him. "But you also know that I hate you." He knew Ellister was trying to intimidate him with the demons close by. It wasn’t going to work.

Ellister glared back at him. "Yes, I do know that. That’s why we will make sure." He motioned for the creatures to grab him, and they took the young man's arms, without a protest. One of the demons placed a hand on his head, and Chaejin became nervous. He knew what they were about to do.

"I will ask you one more question," Ellister looked into Chaejin's eyes, and the young man could not turn away. "Does Choi Junhong have any ill plans against us?"

Chaejin felt like he was about to pass out, but answered anyway. "No." He had lied to the demon plainly, hoping that Ellister still couldn’t read it. If he somehow had found out that they weren’t loyal, he would kill them both and find another way to take over the world. He knew that the only reason Ellister hadn’t killed them yet was because they needed them to do it.

"Are you sure?" Ellister seemed to be enjoying himself now. He could see that Chaejin was nervous, but seemed sincere. As soon as he spoke, a sharp pain shot through Chaejin's head, all the way down his spine. He screamed, staring unfocused. He hadn’t been expecting that.

Breathing heavily, Chae answered quietly. "Yes, I'm sure. He knows nothing. He’s one ignorant little fuck that will be easy for you to take over and kill when you’re done with him." He knew that as soon as he got out of here, he would be telling all of this to Zelo. He just wouldn’t tell him everything he had said to Ellister. He would rather stay in Zelo’s good graces. However, the creatures would not get away with destroying Earth. They would stop it together.

“You have been around him for a long time now, so you know how he works. Are you SURE you don’t have more of an attachment to him than he should? Ellister looked him in the eye. He saw only pain from the headache the demons had given him. "You know the price you would pay if you were lying to us. The fact that we can’t read your mind doesn’t stop us from getting what we want from you.” He turned to the demons holding Chaejin. "You may let him go. He is of no more use to me, at the moment. Lead him to the door, though."

The demons pulled Chaejin to his feet, and over to the door. He stumbled out a soon as they let him go. Leaning against the wall, he sighed. He wasn't so sure this plan would work, and he and Zelo might die, after all.

Shaking his head, he walked slowly back to his bedroom. He still felt like he might pass out, and needed to get away from the demons as soon as possible. Zelo was on the bed, and pulled him over to it immediately. He had felt the tension from the encounter, and was determined to stop this. Throwing the covers back, he hugged the older boy against his own body, thinking. Zelo kissed him on the back of the neck, not sure why his boyfriend was so stressed out. All he knew was that it had to do with Ellister. They had a week to end this, and they had to come up with a strong plan. Right now, he would concentrate on comforting him. He held Chae close as the older boy dropped off to sleep.

The next day, Zelo waited until Chaejin had awoken naturally, then smiled at him. "I have a plan. Let's go for a walk, okay?"

Chaejin smiled back at him. "Okay." That was their normal way to talk without the demons knowing what they would say. It had also where they had bonded the most, talking about everything…ALMOST everything.

They walked through the woods, so that anyone trying to follow them would be thrown off. Zelo spoke as they walked.

"I think we need to end this today. They called you in yesterday to make sure you were on their side, right? Well, we need to strike while they think you are with them..." He continued to tell Chaejin all about his plan. They both agreed it would work. It would have to wait until evening, though.


That evening, Zelo walked into the kitchen, smiling at EunHa, who was serving. "I would like to take Master Ellister his dinner, please."

The woman smiled at him, then nodded. Fixing a large plate of red meats and leafy greens, she handed it to Zelo. When he pulled the plate away, he left a note in her hand. The note was telling her to pack her things and leave. He hoped that she would take his advice, since she was the only other human in the building, besides himself and Chae. She deserved better than this.

Zelo smiled at her again. "Thank you." Pouring a glass of wine, he took it with him to the outer doors of Ellister's chamber. When the doors opened, he placed the food in front of the Master, never meeting his eyes. Bowing low, he left quickly.

Running back to his room, he smiled at Chaejin. "Okay." That was their code word.

Chaejin watched him closely, then smiled back. "How can you be so calm about all of this? If they win, you die next year." He kissed Zelo passionately. “We BOTH die, if they win.”

"I’m past worrying about this. I know it’ll work, because we have planned it out carefully," Zelo frowned. "I’m sorry that you had to grow up around this....I know it mustn’t have been easy."

Chaejin shrugged. "It was okay. I didn't really spend any more time with them than what I had to, so I was alone most of the time. I'm glad you are here with me now, though, love. You are what have kept me going. Without us here, we can’t take overturn the curse. This is the only way."

Zelo smiled. "Yeah. All or nothing."


An hour after Zelo had taken the food to Ellister, both teens returned to his chamber. Unlike the other days, there was a guard in the doorway. Chaejin used his strength and knocked him out with a punch to the face, just as he had when he had given the note to Zelo in the cell. He let the demon drop to the floor, then opened the door for Zelo. The younger boy slipped in, again not meeting Ellister's eyes. The demon looked satisfied and unsuspecting. Zelo took the plate from him and placed it on the table. He did not want it to get in the way of the attack.

Chaejin walked in, meeting Ellister's eyes coldly. He had his fists clenched, holding in the power he wanted to unleash. What Ellister had failed to notice was that he had sealed the doors with his powers. The demon couldn’t feel their powers, which he was now using to his advantage.

Zelo smiled at the demon master. "I hope you had a good meal."

Those were the trigger words, and Chaejin shot a full bolt of energy into Ellister's chest. The creature did not have time to react before the second one hit. Once the demon was weakened, Zelo moved over in front of him.

"You thought you could kill me, along with Earth. Well, you have been wrong the entire time, and now you will die for it," Zelo used his powers to turn the chair arms to ropes, which wrapped around the demon's arms before he could move them. Zelo knew that Ellister was powerless to do anything against him. In keeping their plans secret, they had found a way to overcome Ellister and all of his demons.

Ellister glared at Chaejin, shocking his mind. He fell to the ground, grabbing his head. That was the only way the creature could get through to him. He felt as if his head was being split in two.

Zelo didn’t look back, even though he knew his boyfriend was in pain. He knew it would happen, since Chae didn’t have the same powers or the invunerability against Ellister. That was the reason Zelo would have been valuable in destroying the world. "I know you can’t do that to me. You all fear me, because unlike the Chae, I was given the power to overtake you. You wanted to use my power to overtake Earth. I don’t appreciate you shocking Chae, though." He glared at the hated creature, tightening the ropes. "You don’t have anything you can defend yourself with against me. I will kill you, along with all of your minions. Go ahead and try to contact any of them. You never have been able to with me in the room. Isn’t that right?”

Ellister laughed, knowing that Zelo was speaking the truth. He hadn’t seen this coming, since he had actually believed Chaejin. "You don’t know what to do. You have nowhere to go, and will wander for the rest of your life." For the first time in the last few years, Zelo saw fear in Ellister’s eyes.

Zelo shrugged. "That's okay, because you’ll all be gone." He glanced at Chaejin, who had managed to get back to his feet and had a full globe of light in his hands. He was ready to throw it at any time. Zelo took out the dagger, placing it at the creature's throat. "Just remember that I could have killed you, right here, with this dagger. I am better than you, though."

He stepped back, and Chaejin shot the globe of light at the demon, hitting him in the head. Ellister shimmered out, then back in. At that moment, Zelo felt a weight lifted from him and he knew the curse had been broken. He had thought Chaejin would have sent the demon away with it. Instead, he had freed Zelo.

Smiling at Chaejin, he turned back to the demon. He pulled energy from deep inside his soul and placed a hand on Ellister's head. The demon shook violently, then dissipated into the air. He could feel the same reaction within the entire compound, as all of the demons were destroyed. There was a rumble through the compound, then it fell was silent.

Chaejin moved over to Zelo slowly, kissing him on the mouth. "Now that the world is not ending, and the demon creatures are dead, I think we should get out of here. You are amazing."

The left the mansion in a hurry, hoping they wouldn’t be followed by some demon that had somehow survived this. Running to the nearest hotel, they checked in and went straight to the room. They could figure out where to go from there. At least they were out and safe.

Once inside the hotel room, Zelo pulled Chaejin in for a kiss. "Yeah. We should. It’s really over." He pushed him against the wall, knowing this was a strange feeling for them both. They were safe.

Chaejin chuckled, kissing him on the neck. “I love you, babe.”

Zelo smiled. “Saranghae…” He slid his hand up Chae’s side, kissing him again. “I know what I have been dying to do.” Kissing Chaejin’s neck, Zelo turned and pulled his own pants down quickly. “Now that the world isn’t in danger, I want you in me. I don’t care if it hurts. I just want you…now.”

Chae laughed softly, unzipping his own pants. He knew that Zelo wasn’t going to put up with him taking his pants off all the way, so he just pushed them down. He could see Zelo’s virgin ass right in front of him, but he wasn’t too nervous. Placing his cock against Zelo's opening, he pressed in slowly. Zelo cursed slightly as he felt pain. He felt like he was being ripped in two, but he had to admit that he had felt worse. Once Chae had the head of his cock in, he stopped.

Zelo pushed back against him, pushing him in deeper. “Damn…It hurts, but it feels good, too.”

Chae placed a hand on Zelo’s stomach. “I love you,” he whispered. Zelo was so tight, but felt amazing. He thrust in hard, gaining a moan from his lover.

Zelo threw his head back on Chaejin’s shoulder. “I want to feel proof of this tomorrow. Fuck me harder.”

Chae obliged him, snapping his hips forward and slamming into Zelo. He braced his free hand against the wall as he thrust forcefully. Zelo was meeting his thrusts with every movement now, and echoed off the walls when Chae hit his prostate. They moved together for a moment, until Chae felt himself cumming. He thrust harder, and came deep inside of Zelo. The younger boy followed him soon after, cumming on the wall. Chae kissed him on the neck, smiling. “That was…incredible.”

Zelo pushed his lover back, feeling the older boy slide out of him. He winced when Chae was all the way out, but turned around carefully. He kissed Chaejin lightly. “I don’t care where we go from here, as long as we’re together. I love you.”

Chae pulled his boyfriend against him, hugging him tightly. “We’re both safe, so we can do anything we want.”

Zelo nodded quietly, not feeling the need to say any more. It was truly over now.




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