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A trap beat bleared throught the speakers of YG's newly equipped recording booth. GD had been working on this song for the past few weeks and being the perfectionist he is, thought something was missing. He'd been asking everyone for input but most of the sunbaes' would tell him exactly what he knew already. His final resort was his best friend and bandmate Seunghyun a.k.a TOP.
"This... is going to be a hit!" beamed TOP. GD still sat spread out on the couch with his head bobbing to the music. He opened his eyes and flashed Seunghyun a quick look before rising from the couch and shaking his head. He stopped the song and leaned against the wooden desk on which his mac was placed. "It's not there yet. Honestly, don't you think there's something missing?" GD questioned. "It's perfect." Ji Yong sighed and slid down till his butt banged on the floor. GD'S having one of his moments again. "Relax, G. You've worked so hard on this track already and it truly shows. When's the last time you had a good night's sleep?" "When I was 3. Now you really think it's done?" "Nde! It's daebak Oppa!" Seungri said in the most nauseatingly sweet voice ever, putting his hands in a v-shape beneath his chin and blinking his eyes at GD prettily. He always falls for my aegyo. It's just so bad that you've got to find it adorable. GD blinked, stunned, then let a wide smile spread across his face. "Aigoo, you're too much Seunghyun," laughed Ji Yong. "Thanks. I guess this track's almost ready then." Ji Yong got up from the floor and flopped down on the couch once again. He reeked of sweat and Chinese take-out. GD rubbed his eyes unconciously then ran his fingers through his dull hair. He was exhausted. Dark circles were prominent on the usually flawless skin of Ji Yong's face.
It hurts me to see him like this. Ji Yonggie's an amazing artist and producer and I get that he wants his work to be as close to perfection as he can make it but he's really pushing it a bit too far for my liking now. He must've only had 3 hours of sleep the last few days. It actually freaks me out that there's someone as talented as Ji Yong is in my group. The man's a genius. I seriously admire his dedication and honestly that look of passion & drive he has in his eyes, even off-stage, is a huge turn-on for me.
"Yah, Ji Yonggie, maybe you should come back to my apartment. You look like death warmed up and I will not have you sleep in this booth again," Seunghyun said with all the compassion he could muster up. He was being truthful, he honestly wanted to take care of Ji Yong. "Ahnee. I think I should stay here a while longer. A few finishing touches are in order." "Pleaaaase Ji Yonggie~ I'm sure this can wait till the morning. Promise me you'll come with me? It's for your own benefit," pleaded TOP. "Arraso..." breathed GD almost inaudibly. He shuffled a few song lyrics which were scattered across his desk and picked up his blanket and Macbook before leaving.
The car ride was silent. TOP drove comfortably in the silence, peeking over at GD every-so-often. By the time Seunghyun pulled up into the parking spot infront of his apartment, GD was already fast asleep. When he turned off the engine Seunghyun brushed Ji Yong's short fringe to the side with the back of his hand and sat in his seat for a moment, just taking in the image before him. Ji Yong sat facing the car door with his legs pulled up to his chest in a feotal position, half-covered by the hot pink blanket he brought with him which had been a gift from one of his fans. He looked angelic, serene. These were the moments which made TOP really hate himself. Moments like this would remind him of just how deeply in love he was with Ji Yong and of just how little he could do about it.
GD and I had been friends for almost a decade by now. Since our debut days I knew that there would always be a place in my heart for him. With comebacks, tours and all the other bells & whistles that came with being a KPOP star, it was next to impossible to have a romantic relationship let alone with your straight, male best friend. Well, there was an occurence about 3 years ago.
We were doing a Big Bang promotion in Japan and Ji Yong had gotten completely sloshed with Daesung after an event. After arriving at the hotel room we shared, Ji Yong pressed our mouths together and tried his level best to get his tongue into my mouth. I tried to resist, but I was just too overwhelmed by the feeling of having my beloved Ji Yong finally in my arms. A hot make-out session ensued but it was completely forgotten by the time a deadly hungover Ji Yong rolled out of bed. I still think about it though. I've actually dreamt about that night a good few times. Ji Yong moaning against my mouth as our tongues clashed, seeking dominance. His soft, full lips moving against mine. I'd sometimes take it a bit further by running my hands down his toned back to his buttocks and knead it as our kiss deepens, lightly circling the ring of muscles between his butt cheeks with my fingers. I can't even recall how many times I've dreamt about coming on Ji Yong's face or pounding into his tight heat as my name rolls off his tongue when he finally shoots his load on the crisp bedspread beneath him. I know this is only something I can construct in my imagination. The reality of it is that what happened in Japan was a drunken mistake - nothing more, nothing less. Actually the events of that night have made me fall even harder for Ji Yong and now I feel something else for him... lust. Never before have I felt this sexually frustrated, even being surrounded by sluttily dressed girl-group members on a daily basis. I hate that I love Ji Yong so much but I'm forced to just stand by and watch as any creature with a vagina and ovaries oggles at him. Fuck, even the male model who was cast in 2ne1's new music video tried making a pass at him when he visited the shoot. And don't even get me started on that whore...
His thoughts were interrupted by GD stirring noisily in his seat. He pulled Ji Yong up against his chest and carried him into the apartment bridal-style. TOP quickly pulled off Ji Yong's and his trainers and let them fall in the doorway before preceding to carry him all the way to his bedroom. Luckily the ahjumma who cleans there every week or so came in to clean early that morning. Seunghyun placed Ji Yong gently on the fresh white embroidered duvet of his bed. What the actual fuck? I swear this women is trying to turn me into an old grandmother. He looked at the floral print a little more closely. The subtle rose pink of the embroidery complimented Ji Yong's now slightly flushed face. His dark eyelashes fanned out over his cheeks. The little scar on his neck that he'd gotten during one of the Big Bang rehearsals was still quite evident. He wanted to nip at the skin of Ji Yong's neck and leave dark blue splotches as a reminder to Ji Yong of who exactly he belonged to. Seunghyun halted as he was raising himself back off the bed. His face hovered above Ji Yong's, his weight was supported by his left knee which was now dangerously close to GD's crotch. Images of the night in Japan flashed behind Seunghyun's now closing eyelids.
He dropped his head lower and caught Ji Yong's lips in a soft, chaste kiss. Ji Yong remained still underneath him. The older was disappointed that Ji Yong did nothing even though he knew Ji Yong shouldn't respond - for both of their sakes. TOP pouted slightly and shifted so that his entire body was now above Ji Yong. He dropped his head once again and moved his lips against Ji Yong's with a new found desperation. His tongue ran along the rapper's bottom lip and forced his lips to part, giving him entrance to the hot cavern of Ji Yong's mouth. He arched his lower back so that he could grind his hips against the younger's. A slight gasp sliced through the silence and caused TOP to still his actions. He opened his eyes and saw the lids of Ji Yong's quiver ever so slightly. A dark smirk painted itself onto Seunghyun's features. "Ji Yonggie~," he breathed against GD's lips, "I know you're awake". The rapper released a soft groan as Seunghyun rubbed his lips against the rapper's. The older wrapped his fingers around the rapper's throat and held them there firmly as his tongue explored the inside of the rapper's mouth. His grip loosened as the man beneath him began to rub his crotch up against his thigh.
He let his finger tips slowly travel down from the younger's neck to his chest. They ghosted over the perky pink nob on the right of Ji Yong's chest through the fabric of his t-shirt. His hand stopped and tweaked hard at the nipple, elicting a muffled yelp from the rapper. Seunghyun moved swiftly to reach the bottom of the younger's t-shirt and pushed it up to Ji Yong's neck, exposing the rapper's slender and underdeveloped body. He hadn't even done anything major to him but Seunghyun was already panting hard with excitement and want. He ran his tongue along Ji Yong's torso, swirling it in circles till it reached the nipple he had recently been playing with. He closed his mouth over the bud and moaned in response to the sound of Ji Yong inhaling shakily. Ji Yong moved to twist his fingers in Seunghyun's dark, ruffled hair and tugged it downward. "Awake now, baby?" cooed Seunghyun as he looked up to see the rapper watching him with his bottom lip caught between his teeth. Ji Yong's face was a brilliant red which grew deeper as Seunghyun continued to suck and pull at his nipple. Ji Yong tugged the older's hair again, pushing Seunghyun's mouth away from his nipple to the large bulge in his sweatpants. Seunghyun licked his lips and ran his hands down Ji Yong's thighs. He nuzzled the growing hardness of the younger making Ji Yong buck his hips up in response. "Tell me what you want me to do to you baby," said the older in a bass tone which shot straight to the younger's groin. "I, I," whispered Ji Yong coyly,"I want you to take it in your mouth." Seunghyun did as he was told, pulling the sweatpants of the younger off in a fraction of a second. The older pushed Ji Yong slightly further up the bed and spread the younger's legs open in one quick movement.
TOP yanked at the rapper's briefs until they were half-way down his thighs. Red lines were starting to form on the milky white skin where the elastic was cutting into his legs. Seunghyun couldn't resist twisting the straight black hair at the base of Ji Yong's erection around his finger, curling and uncurling it, making the rapper hiss and swat his hand away. "I'll just fuck your mouth then!" the rapper spat and pulled Seunghyun's head back, leaving his mouth wide open. The sides of Seunghyun's lips twitched upward in a devilish smile. He'd been waiting for this for so long. The smaller rapper immediately rammed into the back of the older's throat. Ji Yong quickly picked up speed, constantly hitting the back of Seunghyun's throat. The rapper gasped as Seunghyun swirled his tongue over the head of the younger's length. Curses began to flow from Ji Yong's mouth as he felt his climax building up. The deep-throating had caused tears to form at the corners of Seunghyun's eyes but he loved it. He lived off the feeling of being used and abused by Ji Yong. He placed his hand half-way up the younger's back and dragged his nails sharply back down again. The younger threw his head back as he hissed, his face contorted by the feeling of pain and pleasure. The older hollowed his cheeks, increasing the suction on Ji Yong's length. A deep growl erupted from his throat. The sweat covering Ji Yong's body glittered under the lights. His brightly-dyed hair stuck to his forehead messily. The rapper tugged on the older's hair one more time before convulsing as he emptied himself in Seunghyun's mouth. He watched as the thin strings of white fluid squirted into the older's mouth and down his throat. He took himself in his hand and mumbled gibberish as he ran the head of his length across Seunghyun's swollen lips, keeping eye contact.
Ji Yong bent down and pulled Seunghyun into a deep kiss. The older had not yet swallowed all of Ji Yong's seed so as their mouths moved against each other the younger was forced to take his own seed in his mouth. The rapper was not fazed in the slightest but groaned in satisfaction at the taste of himself. When they broke apart a string of seed and spit still connected both of their lips. Seunghyun watched Ji Yong through half-lidded eyes as his skillful tongue darted out of his mouth to lick it up. Ji Yong brought his fingers up to his mouth and playfully began to run his index finger along his bottom lip. "It's a pity that you're still clothed," he added cheekily. Seunghyun looked down at himself in disbelief. Why the fuck am I still in my clothes? I could've gotten sucked off by Ji-fucking-Yong! Pabo! "Hmm, maybe next time," said Ji Yong with a grin and turned to climb under the covers of the bed. "Good Night Pabo~" "Good Night Ji Yonggie~," TOP replied and looked down at his hands. He was half pleased to have finally gotten to a new level with Ji Yong and half dissapointed and confused by the ending of the night's events. So, he's going to be all cold now. No kiss? No cuddling? No letting me fuck him in the shower in a short while? Okay, this situation is getting kind of akward... I guess I'll go... jerk off in the bathroom then...
"Nde?" TOP replied bringing the heel of his right foot to rest on his left knee. A moment of silence stretched between the two. Seunghyun rubbed his face with his hands as he waited for an answer.


Okay. First off, this is my first one shot >.< So please don't judge it too harshly. A person can only improve, right? Please bear with me and watch me grow ^^ Hope you enjoy it


Loved it, great job.

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