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To love you Noona

To love you Noona

It is a rare opportunity for YG to give the girls from 2NE1 a time off, during their touring season, and he is that generous to allow 3-days off given for the 4 girls. Currently the girl group is having their all-out tour in the cities of South Korea, before heading to Europe for their very first time ever tour in cities such as Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and so forth. The girls are very excited about it and have been looking forwards to it, even though they had been performing non-stop this past few days.
With the 3 days off given by YG, almost immediately the girls decided to head down to the nearest beach, a few blocks away from their current accommodation. The girls just love the beach where they can do all sorts of fun stuff, such as the famous beach party and just chilling out with food cooking over the barbeque grill. The girls have assigned CL manager to book them the grandest beach house in town that could accommodate facilities for barbequing and so forth. The efficient of CL manager have them immediately prepare to pack to head down the beach house that she has located and rent for them.
“Oh wow…I just love you babe,” praised the ever proud CL to her manager. Even the rest of the girls are very happy and looking forward for their 3 days mini holiday at the beach house that promise them a grand relaxation moment, away from their fans and the rest of the world.
“Well, I hope you girls will have a great rest during these 3 days,” she said, beaming at them. The girls carry on packing a few of their stuff for the short trip. “And by the way, the boys from Bigbang will be joining you girls later,” she said before making her way out from the girls presidential suite.
Bom suddenly felt chill sweeping all over her body. She had stopped her packing, mid-way and quickly stops CL manager before she really left the room. “Wait!!”
Not only CL manager had turns to her in surprise, but all eyes are on her now.
“All the boys or just Jiyong and TOP?” she asked ignoring all the questioning looks from the girls, only Minzy seems unfazed by the whole situation and continues to pack her stuff.
“Yes just GD and TOP, “CL manager smiled at her, and continues to said, “TOP is particularly very happy to be part of one of your show here.” Again, she started to make her way out of the presidential suite. This does not sit well with BOM. She could only watch CL manager walking out of the room with a tinge of helplessness in her round eyes.
Suddenly the feeling of anticipation for the short holidays vanished and replace with the feeling of dreadful. BOM had stops packing her stuff, just leaving her pink leopard print bikinis and a few more other clothes, laying on top of her travel bag, and rushing out from the room, trying her best to finds a hideaway to calm herself.
CL saw everything – the sudden change of attitude in BOM upon hearing the name of TOP, and recently, BOM has seem deliberately been avoiding hanging out with Bigbang, especially TOP who everyone knows that both him and BOM had a great chemistry with. Their endless teasing and fooling around whenever both of them happen to be in the same room, vibrate a sense of joviality to others.
What CL does not understand is the great changes happen between the two of them, especially her noona BOM. Not only CL had aware of these changes but the same goes to Jiyong, and together with the latter, they are clueless to what really happens between them. CL has refrain from asking TOP if he is aware that BOM had been avoiding him and she knows that she had made the right decision when she caught TOP, just the other day, flirting with Jessica Jung from SNSD.
“Dara…pstt!!” she whispered to the girl who just like her, stunned by BOM sudden outburst. CL needs to swat her arm twice to get her attention on her, finally.
“What is it with her?” she asked feeling puzzled by the minutes. Over the other side of the room, both girls watched Minzy getting lost in her own world, gyrating to the songs from her headphone while packing away her stuff in the bag. CL pulls Dara arms and the girl turns to look at her again, waiting to hear what the leader has to say.
Pointing to BOM unfinished packing, she say, “You finish up packing with BOM stuff. And I tried to drag her to the beach house. It seems incomplete without her.” With that, Dara nodded her head and CL quickly dash out of the room, in search of her favourite noona.

‘Why am I feeling like this?’ she asked herself for the million times. ‘For sure with me behaving like this, it will be a matter of time for CL to question me. Oh bloody hell!’ she cursed as she paced in front of the washing machine, down the basement.
All the teasing with one another, their constantly banter and the time spend together, like always, had become the cause of BOM predicament. ‘This is not supposed to happen. I should not be having this feeling for that stupid Dino…when he has his eyes on Jessica Jung…!!’ she cried out in her heart when no one could hear it but her alone. The pain is excruciatingly hurtful for BOM to endure it. Her round eyes has been so generous as tears keeps on flowing down her rosy cheeks while her hand clutching her chest to an invisible pain that she felt as her body slumping down onto the floor.
But BOM could no longer hold out her cries. A strangled voice escape from her cherry lip, but she still tries her hardest to keep down her cries by biting her own finger, her eyes shutting close as the tears streaming down onto her cheek, profusely, cowering herself. She then felt someone trying to pull her body up from the filthy floor and she just let the other person to pull her up and tuck into the warm embrace of a hug.
“Shhh…!! Hush now…” CL pacifies her devastated noona. She becomes more concern seeing BOM condition. At this moment, she feels like punching TOP in the face for he must be the sole responsible for BOM misery. Her mind is reeling with ideas of how to punish TOP and she vow to get even with him, even though BOM might not be happy of it. To CL, no one should mess with any of her sisters.
“I hate me…I so damn hate me very much!!” BOM cries out, giving up in her weak attempt to control her distraught feelings.
“Why must you hate yourself for loving him?” CL asked incredulous, a shocked to hear BOM blaming herself for which she suspect, having secret feeling for TOP the asshole.
BOM ears perk up when she heard CL unexpected question. ‘No BOM. No one should know this. Not even CL. Get a grip of yourself!’ BOM scolded herself. Quickly she tries to pulls herself together. Pushing her body away from CL embrace, she looks at her leader with her infamous cutesy face.
“Loving him? Who? ” she asked, pretending not to understand to which person that CL is refer to. Her hands wiping the tears from her rosy cheeks as she sitting in front of CL, awaiting for the answer that she already know who.
CL scowled, not believing the again sudden change in BOM demeanor. “TOP? Your feeling for the stupid dino?” she asked flustered by the whole situation. And now, she feels like slapping BOM smiling face when she continues to deny the truth of her feeling for TOP.
“Chae Lin-ah, what are you talking about?” BOM shaking her head slightly, still in her pretentious self. “Why should I have feeling for that alien? We are just friends, really.”
“Then why you always tries to avoid him and I betcha that you will think of a way to not joining us at the beach house, aren’t you?” CL accused, her voice getting a notch higher than before. She is getting frustrated with the whole thing. If it is not because of BOM, she won’t be bothered with all these.
Shrugging her shoulders, BOM said to the now flustered CL, “Well I am joining the party. Why should I pass this kind of rare treat from YG? I don’t want to miss a thing, babe.” BOM quickly stood up and, without waiting she left CL at the laundry room, heading back to her bedroom to finish up her packing. She is surprise that Dara had helped her packing her bag.
“Thanks Dara for the help,” she winked at the clueless girl.
“Hey what’s wrong with you?” Dara asked as she walks towards BOM with Minzy trailing behind her. Looking behind BOM, searching for the sight of CL, their leader, she asked eyeing BOM suspiciously, “Where’s CL by the way? She said that she coming to get you.”
“Yup and she probably just right behi-“from the corner of her eyes, BOM caught the sight of CL who just about to enter their bedroom, pointing to CL, she continues,” There she is!”
Ignoring the beaming BOM, CL walks straight to Dara and Minzy, her face is dark with anger and when she said, she growl, “Let’s go girls. The car is waiting for us now.”

One of the things that TOP hates most that is someone purposely being ignoring his messages and that particular someone happens to be his favourite Noona from 2NE1, Park BOM. He had becoming more frustrated by the minutes. He is clueless to why BOM had seems to be avoiding him and she is bloody obvious that gets G-Dragon to notice her super strange behaviour.
‘Did I do something that might hurt her feeling? Well, all this while with my tease and banter with her, she seems super fine. What change?’ he wondered as his fingers move fast on the key pad, dialling CL numbers instead of BOM because he knows by heart now that BOM surely will ignore his call.
“Are you still trying to get through BOM?” asked G-Dragon sleepily as he pulls his body further up the seat. His head had conveniently landed on TOP shoulder, but he had awakened by the slight movement from TOP arm. The man just grunts in reply, totally focus on his handset.
“Do you think BOM will still ignoring you? Are you going to blame on her PMS? And what the hell did you keeping track on her menses cycle for, Hyung?” G-Dragon asked, getting frustrated thinking the situation between his Hyung and BOM. A while ago he gotten a message from CL. In her short message, she had tells him that BOM still denying of what both CL and him had suspected of from the start of this avoiding game. And she had the meek to act blur after bursting into trails of tears, CL words not G-Dragon.
Not only had both the leaders of respective band – Bigbang and 2NE1, had notices the behaviour of their 2 favourite Alien couple, but the last that G-Dragon had heard from his manager, that YG had started to get suspicious of them too. It is understandable from their each contract terms that stated they are now allows to have relationship. But obviously that relationship should not interfere with their works and people surrounding them.
“Wow...too many questions, my head hurt...” TOP replies in his robotic voice. He shifts his body position on the seat to the other side, away from his frustrated leader. He continues to wait for his call to be answered by CL.
“Huh...CL. It’s me TOP. How’s everything?” TOP asked, pushing G-Dragon away from hearing his phone conversation with CL, his accomplice in 2NE1. In retaliation, G-Dragon had smack the side of TOP head, playfully earning the smaller guy a death glare from his Hyung.
“What...she said she will be there later at the party?” TOP asked suspiciously. Because up to now, BOM had successfully make herself MIA in any party that the company had organise for them. Now TOP smell something is amiss and seriously, what change?
“I don’t know CL. I feel that there is something up to her sleeve and the funny part is, it bother me so much. Hell, what’s going on with her, for Goodness sake?” TOP feels like hitting his head against the airplane wall panel, but it might cause disturbance to the flight.
There is nothing much that CL could help him now, but to just go to the party and watch BOM next move. ‘Is this a game to her?’ asked TOP sadly. He really missed teasing his Noona, watching her beautiful face that will become darker with anger from the teasing that he impaled. But he knows BOM is a team player, she won’t be too sensitive with all the teasing and bantering.
Not only he misses teasing BOM, it is just being closer to her, hearing her sweet laughter and twinkle in her eyes when she with him, that makes him longing for her. Sighing, TOP ended his call with CL. He feels like crying but a flash of BOM cute smile in his mind, somehow lift his spirit up a notch.
“TOP hyung...?”
TOP turns to G-Dragon who seems had been watching him. He raises his eyebrow; anticipate for G-Dragon to continue with what he has to say to him.
“Do you love BOM?” G-Dragon had asked the older man bluntly. He is worried for his Hyung. The sadness in his face and his longing for BOM to be by his side, somehow makes the man seems to age by the seconds. There is certain emptiness in his eyes.
TOP let go a heavy sigh as he close his eyes trying to relax. His head started to throb, maybe he is thinking too much about the current situation with BOM. ‘Maybe I am just overacting. And just maybe she might having other problems which she did not mean to avoid me,’ TOP wonders, but no matter, he still that it is bloody obvious that it is him that BOM being avoiding.
“I don’t know G. All I know that I miss her so damn much,” TOP said weakly, his eyes remain close. G-Dragon just nodded hearing TOP answer and seeing that TOP did not continues to say more, with his eyes remains close, he did not wants to prod him further and let TOP be for the rest of their flight.

Dara had been watching both CL and BOM since the girls had reached the beach house. Throughout the rides to the beach house, in the car, both girls did not talk much, not to each other and even to any girls. BOM seems very busy typing text messages on her handset. Dara bet that it is not TOP who she was texting to. She been wanting to ask BOM but with the intense situation between CL and BOM, she decide to ask at later time.
Meanwhile, BOM decided to make peace with CL. She wants the girl not to be suspicious of her strange behaviour with TOP. She had decided long before that there will never be anything special between them and she needs to stop behaving as so. All she needs now is a distraction from TOP and times for her to move on with her life and feelings for her Tabi.
She found CL who already in her sexy bikini, sipping her favourite cocktail – Blue Martini. When CL turns to her, standing by the Jacuzzi, she lifts up her eyebrow, curiously but did not attempt to start the conversation between them.
Nodding her head, as she gathers courage, she looks up and just said of what she thinks appropriate to say to her best friend cum leader in the band. “I am sorry for acting strange lately, but I am not willing to share of what I am going through. I promise when I am ready to share, you will be the first person to hear it from me. Exclusively from me,” she said slowly as if she is talking to a small child, but she is just trying to hold up the bubbling of emotion within her, from bursting out. She did not intend to ruin the party when it is not even started.
CL felt like a bitch, the uncaring one and worse, the self centred one. How could she not think of BOM feeling and the possibility that she does facing a problem which she is yet to share it with anyone else. But why did BOM have yet to share it with anyone else? Why is she keeping it all to herself? It is unlike her to be doing that. And the BOM that CL knows all those years, the girl will either share it with her or the least is TOP.
But CL did not want to complicate things further and decide to let it go for other time. After all, this is a great opportunity for the girls to have this relaxation times that a rare thing for YG to be awarding them. Giving her Noona the brightest yet sincere smile, she pulls BOM in a tight embrace and whisper to her, “I understand. And I am truly sorry for being mad at you, Noona.”
Pulling out from CL tight hug, BOM with her sweet smile still plastered on her face, shyly asked CL, “Can I bring someone to the party later?”
CL just nodded her head. “Sure why not. Is it a hottie?”
BOM walks away from her before giving her a wink.

Once their plane had touchdown at the airport, G-Dragon had insists that they drive straight to the beach house where the beach party had already started. TOP suddenly did not feel like attending the party and he doesn’t care if BOM will be at the party or not. He is not in the mood to party and he makes it clear to G-Dragon although his protest had being ignored by the younger man.
G-Dragon refuse to listen to TOP, not after receiving a text message from Dara that a very sexy man had been seen snogging BOM.
“Ok fine! I tell you ok of how I feel for BOM!” burst TOP angrily. But that did not stop the ever determine G-Dragon to get to the beach house as fast as possible. Instead he keeps on walking to the awaiting car and left the staggered TOP a few feet behind him.
“Aren’t you interested to hear my confession?” TOP shouted to the retrieving G-Dragon. People are watching him with curios stares as they walking about them. “No!!” replied G-Dragon as he keeps on walking ahead of them. “Can you hurry up?”
“I love her. I love PARK BOM!!!” TOP said out loud, but not loud enough to stop G-Dragon from walking to their awaiting car. “Damn you Jiyong,” TOP cursed when his attempt to stop G-Dragon. He quickly runs up to the younger man.
When he reached G-Dragon, the young man did not get into the car right away, instead he turn to face the tall man, pushing him to get inside of the car first before getting into the car next. Again TOP repeat what he had just confessed a while ago.
“I just embarrass myself with that confession. Did you hear what I just confessed?” TOP asked belligerent to the poker face G-Dragon.
“I heard but there is another matter at hand that needed to settle fast.”
“What is that damn important that it can’t wait for tomorrow?” asked TOP incredulously. Suddenly he feels like punching something or someone, but he can’t find the right thing or right person to let go his anger.
Meanwhile G-Dragon mind race to think of some wise plan to make the situation less dangerous and it does comes in a great shock to hear TOP confession which just added more pressure for him. The best solution is to do just TOP had wanted – to not attend the party. But he does not want this problem to drag on. For him, it is best for TOP to know now than later, although the consequences will be unbearable.
‘Young Bae should be here. He will know how to handle such situation,’ G-Dragon wonders inwardly, while TOP is fuming beside him. To TOP, and for the sake of mere asking while he tries to get some clue of how to settle the situation ahead, “Since when did you have feeling for BOM?”
“Since she had been ignoring me, well let me correct that sentence, since she is avoiding me,” TOP whispered softly, and G-Dragon had to strain his ear to hear him better.
“Only now that you realise you got feeling for her?” asked G-Dragon.
“Well, they said that absence makes the heart grow fonder. “
“Who is the asshole said that?” G-Dragon asked with a squint on his forehead.
“Me” replies TOP dreamily as he watches the scenery outside the moving car.
“Do you not want to make your feeling known to BOM?”
“Should I?” the truth is TOP has been trying to think of a way to confess his feeling to BOM, even when the said lady had been acting weird with him. TOP had decided to make BOM his. He has been asking around for suggestions from his Dongsaeng – Daesung and Young Bae, but he gets different suggestions from them.
Daesung, his ever annoying and nagging Dongsaeng, had suggested that he prepare a romantic dinner for two by the beach, with sweet music playing at the background. Daesung makes it clear that he plays Daesung ‘I love you’ song as to build up the romantic moment. “I will guarantee you, even you propose marriage to Noona, on the spot, she will surely say yes. And the night will end in a beautiful bliss,” Daesung explains confidently to both TOP and Young Bae who are gaping at him, over their late night supper, at TOP villa.
TOP had wonder the ‘beautiful bliss’ that Daesung had mention and before he could ask him, Young Bae had beat him and asked the still smiling Daesung, “What beautiful bliss?” Young Bae had held an inverted comma over the words ‘Beautiful bliss’.
Bluntly, Daesung replies, “Sex. How else would you want to end such a romantic dinner?” The blond man had the meek to let go a loud sigh. TOP face had becomes beet red hearing such notion. He never know that Daesung might have suggested such idea and since when did he becomes much romantic than G-Dragon. He did not remember ever hearing such suggestion from their leader before.
Young Bae let out a hearty laugh with Daesung cheeky plan. Turning to TOP, and immediately his face becomes serious, Young Bae said out his idea, “Track her like a hawk and when you found her, just grab her face and kiss her as you never kiss anyone before!”
Then Daesung add more salt to what Young Bae had suggested, “Drag her to the nearest alley or room, where no one can spot you both, and end it with a beautiful bliss.” In a flash, TOP had smack his head and tempting to do the same to Young Bae but the small man had been fast to duck away from the now fuming TOP.
“That is not beautiful bliss but it is call raping!” TOP shouted angrily to the cowering Daesung. Turning to Young Bae, he continues to say angrily, “I can’t believe you might even think of such a violent feat. I thought you may want to think something less violent?”
Young Bae smile to his distress Hyung. He could not believe that TOP may have feeling for BOM. To him, BOM is nothing close to TOP ideal woman. He knows that his Hyung prefer his lady to be more sophisticated and model-like. BOM is a far cry from being TOP dream girl. And to see TOP had been struggling to think of a way to make his love known to the woman who loves to indulge on corn, is totally a great surprise to him.
“Well, I actually think of you writing a song about your love for her and sing it to her.”
“You can rap a song for her too…,” chip in Daesung while rubbing his head after being hit by his Hyung awhile ago. TOP then push his hand away from his head, smiling to his Dongsaeng while gently rubbing the sore spot.
“Just her alone or in front of everyone else?” asked TOP.
“Depend on the situation, Hyung. You just need to feel it when the times come.”
“We can help you out with the song?” asked Young Bae softly. Then Daesung nudge his rib, a bit harder to his liking. “What makes you think TOP Hyung will choose your idea over mine?” argued Daesung hotly. He will not accept if his Hyung choose Young Bae idea instead of his, after receiving a smack on the head from the older man.
“Well, mine is way better than yours, small eyes!” rebuke Young Bae.
“As if, your eyes are any bigger than mine, Shorty!!” shrieked Daesung.
TOP had left both of them to continue their petty argument at the dinner table while he makes his way outside the veranda of his villa. He had been accompanied by Homie, Young Bae little pug.

“I think you should confess your feeling for her, Hyung?” G-Dragon suggested as his mind had being brought back to the presence time. TOP agree with G-Dragon suggestion and he did already finish the song that he has written for BOM. But he wants to sing it to her over a romantic candlelight dinner, by the beach, just like Daesung had suggested, well actually he has decided to combine both Daesung and Young Bae ideas together, therefore both of them will be happy when they knows about it later. Of course, the beautiful bliss, he will decide much later, depending on BOM reaction to his love.
“Do you think I can get her to be alone with me?” TOP asked as their car had now stopped to the beach house where 2NE1 will be staying the next 3 days. From where they stand, the loud music could be heard.
“The party had already started,” remarks G-Dragon as he watches throngs of people entering and exiting the house. “I thought they are having a private party with just us and them?” asked G-Dragon to no one in particular.
Both men just follow the throngs of people entering the house. Some of them recognise G-Dragon and TOP but the 2 men just gave out polite smiles as they force themselves into the crowd of people that had gathered at the pool area.
The first thing that TOP had see as he enter the party that some pabo having his way with his BOM and all he wants to do is to summon all his anger within his body, then attack that slime ball. G-Dragon saw the anger in TOP eyes. He tries to restrain the angry man but, he is not that strong to stop him as he had been push aside. Lucky that CL is there to catch him, before he landed, face first, onto the tray of foods.
“Are you ok?” asked CL worriedly.
TOP mind is clouded with anger. All of his plan to have a romantic dinner by the beach, with BOM and him alone, singing to her with his own compose love song and just maybe ending the night with a beautiful bliss, just flew out of the window. All he wants to do now is to claim BOM right away and hit the pabo face who hands is currently laying dangerously close to the inside of BOM very short micro dress.
“TOP Hyung!!” shouted Minzy over the crowd of people. She did not understand of why Dara had insisted her to stop TOP Hyung. She had been busy mixing her own rendition of bloody mary when Dara had dragged her out from behind the bar.
But it seems that TOP is so angry to be hearing Minzy shout of his name, making leeway to his sole destination, where BOM is currently relaxing with some pabo man who are so itching to get his hand under her dress.
When he reaches of where BOM is seating with the man, TOP could see the shocked look in BOM face, and something else, but TOP cast that aside as he pulls her to her feet and makes her stand in front of him. Out of sudden, Young Bae original plan comes into mind. ‘Be damn with gentleness,’ he reminds inwardly as he grab BOM face and seal their lips together, into a passionate kiss.
BOM is definitely beyond shocked with TOP out sudden kissing her. She tries to push him away but the kiss had been something else. It is making her feels all the love that comes pouring from TOP intense kissing. Instead of continues to push him away, BOM just surrender to his kisses as she allows TOP persistent tongue to deepen their kisses.
Feeling that BOM had submit to his out of sudden move that he had no plan to follow it in the first place, he trail his lip to BOM earlobe, sucking it while whispering to her ear only, “I love you so much Park BOM…”


This is my third writing story of K~POP, please be gentle with me. And don’t forget to send me message for your comments on this chap, yeah?


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