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iMAGINE ~ G-Dragon Bigbang ~ Jacuzzi

iMagine ~ Jacuzzi

I got home from the airport to find the house was filled up with roses, balloons and even candles. I saw a path of petals from the doorway right up to our bedroom door. I abandon my suitcase and bags in the living rooms and walk towards our bedroom.
I open the door and again the room is filled up with flowers and all. The bed has petals of roses everywhere and even the floor. A sweet scented candle was light up right next to our bedside table.
“Oppa?” I called out; I knew he should be somewhere in here. Slowly I walk towards the bathroom and slowly open the door that was half ajar.
I saw him in our Jacuzzi, sipping a glass of wine and waiting.
“Hi Babe, welcome home~~”
“Is this for me?”
“Yes all for you, don’t you want to hop in?” He said with that flirtatious smile he had.
I took of my jacket, my blouse and jeans. I was about to enter when he stop me.
“Jagi~~ you’re not allowed to enter half naked, tsk tsk tsk~~”
“You got to be kidding me right?” as I rolled my eyes
“I’m serious~~”
I knew he is used to seeing me naked by now but that was when I am willingly and not like this, shocked and surprised at how straight forward he was.
Unwillingly I took of my bra and panty and I quickly climb in the Jacuzzi.
We sat facing each other and he kept staring at me.
“Stop staring!”
“What? It’s not wrong to stare at something so beautiful right?”
Oh Ji, you and your sweet talk! Making my heartbeat run a mile!
“Jagi come here~~”
Obediently I went over to him, so now my back is towards his front. He hugs me tight and giving me kisses on my neck.
“Oppa~~ thats very dangerous ~~?”
“I don’t care, I waited for nearly 2 months for this..”
He slip his hands towards my breast and start to fondle it, I turn my head a little so that it makes us easier to kiss. We kissed passionately while his hands are teasing my nipples and I start to caress his legs at the side.
“You making me hard~~”
I looked at him and I notice his eyes have gone all steamy. I get up on my knees and turn facing him. I gave him one very deep kiss while my hand went done to his hard on. It was damn hard and damn I miss that thing as much as he misses mine!
“Jagi~~ so good~~”
I let go and put my hand on his chest. He rubs his face against my breast and starts to lick and suck on my nipples. He bites and teases them which make me feels like Cumming.
“Oppa~~ if you teases more I might let it all go~~”
He stops and slid his hand down my private area.
“So wet and I like it~~”
He was touching and examining it. I know I was drenched and was ready for him to enter me anytime. Slowly he slid one finger into the hole and starts to roll it up! I let out a moan.
“Oppa~~ hmmm~~~”
The more I moan the more he keeps fingering me. And by the time he had 2 fingers in me. I was nearly shaking and as the result I have to lean onto him.
I hug him tight as his finger keeps going in and out of me.
I was about to explode when he stops, that really frustrate me!
Slowly and gently he move and he push me down and with that he was in me.
I knew what he wants; he wants me to take control so without hesitation I move up and down slowly at first but it become vigorous later.
I look at him and his eyes are close and he was holding me at my waist guiding me well.
“Jagi~~ don’t stop~~ “
“Oppa~~ I’m Cumming seriously~~”
“Aarrgghhh~~ Jagi~~”
I was shot right in there; and I came as well as I felt his hotness in me.
I lean towards him, weak.
“You ok?”
“No I’m not~~”
“Wae? Jagi?”
“You shot me directly”
I punch him at his chest.
He gave out a chuckle and I just look at him pouting.
“Well, if you get pregnant, we get married! I promise you~~hmm?”
He looked at me, smile and kiss me on my forehead.
“Did you just propose to me?”
“If you count it as it is then it is then...”
“Aishh~~ in the bathroom?!”
He laugh as he pull me close to his chest.


Hope you guys would love our very first iMAGINE story ^0^. And don’t forget to send me message for your comments on it, yeah?


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