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You're Hurting Me

An Unexpected Beginning

You sit on the cold bench with your bag waiting to get on your subway line. It got way too cold in Korea during the winters, but you still didn’t regret your decision to come here and study the culture. It has almost been two years since you’ve arrived. For most of your visit you’ve laid low and stayed hidden behind the crowds. You weren’t the type of person to try and get involved in anything. You just wanted to stay quiet and go about your day and most people respected that, so life was perfectly fine. Today though, things weren’t going your way. While you were waiting for your subway line, you could feel someone’s eyes burning a hole through your face with their intense stare. You didn’t dare look up because you just weren’t the type of person to make social contact with a lot of people, especially not strangers on the subway.
You were relieved to finally see your train was arriving; you couldn’t take the stare you felt anymore. As you stood up to go to her train, you accidentally made eye contact with the man who was staring at you. When you see this man, your heart suddenly skips a beat. His hair was shaggy yet looked so perfectly in place. The smile he had on his face after he saw you looking at him will now forever stay engraved in your mind. Since you weren’t sure what to do, you just looked down and kept walking to your train. You didn’t feel anything towards that man; he was just another guy, at least that’s what you kept repeating in your mind. Before you were able to get onto the train, you accidentally collide into someone who caused you and your bag to fall to the cold floor. All the things in your bag were now spread out on the floor of a busy subway station. Even simple things like this just made you upset and you felt like crying. Perhaps it wasn’t this situation itself that made you want to cry, you just always held back your tears, but today you finally had an excuse to cry so you took the opportunity. With tears in your eyes you looked up to see who it was you had bumped into, once again your heart skips a beat.


I know it's short. IT was originally just a school assignment, but I'm into it now.


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