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I Remember, You Remember


Asha sat in her room her feet folded under her as she sketched on her notepad, things had been bad for her. Her entire life seemed to be flipped upside down by some boy she'd barely even knew a year. The thought that, she'd ruined what they'd had haunted her for some reason unknown to even herself. Feeling as if the entire world was set against her she looked away from the drawing on the off white partchment, his eyes even still boring into her from the paper.

"You've ruined me," she whispered to his sketched face. Truly she didn't feel that way, she felt as if he'd made her compare every other guy who'd asked her out - to him. With his new found fame, and glory she'd realized it was now, next to impossible to talk to him. He was busy with his new life, a life without her where he could have any girl he wanted. She began to realize she didn't live in a world where his only want was her, and the thought provoked choked sobs to escape her mouth.

Asha picked up the sketch pad and tossed it angrily against the wall, just that motion reminded her of all their arguments over silly petty things. He'd grab her wrists as he screamed at her, telling her she was wrong. He'd never hurt her, not physically anyway. However words leave wounds just as painful as physical blows, because his words were like blows to her soul and very being of whom she was.

Asha did her best to try and forget him, and she'd suceeded for less than a week when she saw him on her television. Anger filled her at the thought of him being happy while she suffered in silence, never in her life had she wished she hated someone as much as him. No one had ever provoked this kind of anger in her before, and sometimes her thoughts scared her.

No matter how hard she tried, the good times they had - flooded her mind. Visuals of how he used to be towards her, and how happy they'd been for the first three months of their relationship. His smile and how he used to wrap his arms around her small frame brought a faint smile to her lips, she tried to wipe it off but she couldn't. Everyone always knew when she was seemingly happy that she was thinking of him, and it wasn't far from the truth.

"I wish I could forget you," she whispered softly to the empty confines of her room, her voice echoed off the barren walls where she had previously kept pictures of them. Stuck on corkboad so she could always remember him, and have him close to her even when he was gone. Though, when he'd started to pursue his music career she supported him fully wanting him to accomplish his dreams - but she never imagined his dreams didn't include her.

Pain struck through her chest at how he'd broken up with her, right before his first big tour. His big debut, it hurt to know she'd never be the girl he mentioned in interviews or the one who would be by his side even when times were hard. He had changed with his impending fame and future that held so much more for him then she ever could.

"I love you," Zelo whispered as he pushed her dark hair out of her eyes, pressing his lips against her forhead.

"I love you too, " she said back to him, gazing up into his eyes that captivated her very soul. Her skin rose lightly with bumps as his lips pressed against her own, she melted into him, thats when she knew she couldn't forget him even if she tried.

Asha screamed in frustration and buried her face into her hands, it seemed like these thoughts plagued her more when she was alone - but her friends had abandoned her. They'd thought she'd left him, not the other way around causing a huge fight between them, saying she was selfish for not wanting him to be happy and go after his dreams.

Asha was alone in a pitiful silence that seemed to revirberate off of every wall, and in the end she knew that there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.


How to do ff?

Effa Farhana Effa Farhana

Mcm mane nk buat ff? Saya nk tahu

Effa Farhana Effa Farhana
Nice story. I like..
Poor Asha, and poor Zelo. Great story=).