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Our Ondal Wedding

Another hectic day with a touch of kids

  • "SORRY SORRY SORRY SORRY! NAEGA NAEGA..." (Aissssssh! My Super Junior Alarm!) Currently it was 6 AM, and I remembered that I had a second round of apology breakfast to make for my husband, Kai.
  • I dragged my sleepy self to the bathroom and came face-to-face with my hideous self in the mirror. (Yah! Screw this eyeliner for not coming of! Now I have ugly bags under my eyes) I looked like one of those long-term meth users, maybe not that bad, but close.
  • After managing to get some what composed, I walked past Kai's room (who was still sleeping), and into the kitchen. My menu consisted of Omu-Rice, Kimchi, and a Chicken Curry. Soon after, Kai found himself at the kitchen table munching quietly. "So calm and peaceful.", I thought.
  • I turned to Kai, who looked handsome in his white t-shirt and plaid pajama pants. (Some piece of work, who doesn't even have to try.)
  • "I must be attractive if my wife is looking at me.", Kai smirked.
  • "Well aren't we thinking too high of ourselves now." I replied.
  • "Well if my WIFE is looking at me, I have to think high of my self actually."
  • "Just eat Oppa." I turned around and began washing the dishes in the sink, before I forgot.
  • After a few minutes, I felt a pair of arms reach over my shoulder and pull me back. "Omo, omo, omo... what the heck!" I could feel my cheeks flush red, and stood there akwardly frozen.
  • Of course Kai whispered into my ear, "Oh Haneul, I think...the food was too salty." I gently set the dish in my hand down, and turned around to be face-to-face with the laughing Kai. I playfully, but hardly shoved him aside and went to the living room.
  • Kai went to open the door to grab our mail. "Pish posh, who does he think he is?"
  • I heard Kai's quiet voice half-whisper, "Haneul, I think you need to see this."
  • "What?", I huffed walking to see what was up. And I understood, there was a small baby car seat with (of course) a little sleeping baby bundled up inside. I quickly picked it up and carried it inside our apartment and into our living room, before anyone can else could notice.
  • A minute later, Kai and I were sitting quietly on the couch staring at the baby. Of course Kai finally asked, "Haneul, is there something your not telling me?"
  • Shocked, I quickly responded, "NO! I don't have kids Oppa!" Then I remembered the phone call from last night. "Ohhhhhh crap", I thought. "This is Unnie's baby!"
  • Kai's phone quickly rang. He quickly picked it up, and I heard yelling across the phone. I looked at him and he responded, "We are late for the stage rehearsal, and we have 30 minutes to be there."
  • We both were thinking the same thing, "The Baby!" Of course since we'd be suspicious if we didn't show up, we quickly got dressed and carried the baby with the car seat with us.
  • We were currently sitting in Kai's car, not saying anything. Until I spoke up, "Oppa, lets watch the baby for awhile."
  • "What! Why?", he said suddenly.
  • Of course I couldn't mention the phone call, so I responded, "Well, what if it's something important? Like, what if the mom is coming back. I mean, look how quiet this cute baby is, it couldn't hurt?" Kai still looked unsure, but we didn't have time to think. We were supposed to MC a program together.
  • We walked into the building where thankfully Baekhyun and Chanyeol were waiting.
  • Chanyeol yelled, "Yah! KAI! It's only been 2 nights and you already have kids?"
  • Baekhyun laughed hysterically, "Kai is just a busy man."
  • I blushed, and quickly made up something, "Actually this is my niece, my sister is leaving her with us for a while!" I elbowed Kai, urging him to go along with it. I think it's unnie's baby, how else do you explain it?
  • "Uh yeah!", he continued. "Do you mind watching her for a few hours? We have to go MC! And we are a little late."
  • Baekhyun and Chanyeol looked a little more unsure.
  • "Chanyeol... I will get you a date with JinHee! And Ahra thinks your her ideal type Oppa!" They finally agreed, and Kai and I ran towards the stage.


Hope your still reading. Over 200 views for the last chapter!!! Woot woot! Another thanks to AmyWtsn for her help! "YOU GO GLEN COCO! 2 ROSES FOR YOU!"


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No problemo! Thanks for giving me feedback! Lol its nice to have supporters!!!!

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Dont worry! I didnt forget you, unnie! I was so happy to see you updated this story! Its so amazing!!!

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That's not the end is it!!!!!!!!!!! YOIU NEED TO WRITE MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!